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  • Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation

    Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation

    This ground-breaking handbook details the present situation with regard to female genital mutilation (FGM) in Britain, referring also to other western nations where FGM occurs. It scrutinizes current pathways to eradicating this often dangerous, sometimes lethal, form of ...

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  • Poetry and Prayer

    Poetry and Prayer

    Poetry and Prayer focuses on the relationship of poetry and prayer as aspects of human spirituality and of the expression of that spirituality. Interdisciplinary and ecumenical in scope, the volume offers theoretical discussion on the profound connection between poetic inspiration ...

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  • Transforming Governance

    Transforming Governance

    In Transforming Governance the contributors, guided by Maria Aluchna and Güler Aras, address the current state, as well as the development of corporate governance and its perceived tasks and functions, in response to the changing market and regulatory environment. The book ...

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  • Influencing the Quality, Risk and Safety Movement in Healthcare

    Influencing the Quality, Risk and Safety Movement in Healthcare

    Influencing the Quality, Risk and Safety Movement in Healthcare explores the inner workings of some of the most influential minds in healthcare quality, risk and safety. The book was created in cooperation with the Master of Science in Healthcare Quality graduate program ...

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  • The Art of David Jones

    The Art of David Jones

    This book offers a concise and highly readable account of the visual art of David Jones (1895-1974). It challenges the simplistic view of Jones as an outsider or an eccentric, exploring his work instead in relation to the wider cultural and intellectual climate of his times.

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  • Super Soldiers

    Super Soldiers

    Today, with the advent of unmanned systems, military hopes are attached to the idea that battles can be fought with soldiers pressing buttons in distant command centres. However, soldiers must now be highly trained, super strong and have the intelligence and mental capacity ...

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  • The Performance Style of Jascha Heifetz

    The Performance Style of Jascha Heifetz

    The violinist Jascha Heifetz (1901-1987) is considered among the most influential performers in history. Focussing on Heifetz and his extensive performing relationship with the Bach solo violin works (BWV 1001-1006), Dario Sarlo examines one of the most successful performing ...

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  • Fraud and Corruption in Public Services

    Fraud and Corruption in Public Services

    Public sector fraud seems on the increase in all forms and countries. Part of this may be the impact of technology and the increased sophistication of organized crime; part of it may be a reflection of the increased transparency in the media.Fraud and Corruption in Public ...

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  • The British Empire

    The British Empire

    Focusing on the most prominent and wide-ranging empire in world history, the British Empire, Jeremy Black provides not only a history of that empire, but also a perspective from which to consider the issues of its strengths and weaknesses, and rights and wrongs. The book ...

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  • A Kurt Jackson Bestiary

    A Kurt Jackson Bestiary

    Natural history and art have been life-long preoccupations of the leading British painter Kurt Jackson (b.1961). For this book, Jackson has returned to zoology, the subject he studied at university, to create a beautiful bestiary: a body of work about fauna. Combining stunning ...

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