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  • Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality

    Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality

    Architecture has long been understood as a cultural discipline able to articulate the human condition and lift the human spirit, yet the spirituality of architecture is rarely directly addressed in academic scholarship.The seventeen chapters provide a diverse range of perspectives ...

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  • Hindi Film Songs and the Cinema

    Hindi Film Songs and the Cinema

    This book is uniquely grounded in a wealth of ethnographic material from the Hindi film and music industries as well as detailed musical and visual analysis of Hindi film songs, song sequences, and films. Its findings lead to highly novel ways of viewing Hindi film songs ...

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  • Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage

    Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage

    Enterprise risk must be identified, assessed and prioritized; developing a growth strategy proposal which leadership has to execute in order to achieve goals. As business leaders spearhead the efforts, they must minimize, monitor and control the probability and/or impact ...

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  • Woman’s Identity and Rethinking the Hadith

    Woman’s Identity and Rethinking the Hadith

    This book comprehensively contrasts Hadith with the Qur`an in order to uncover some of the unjust practices by Muslims concerning women and gender issues. Using specific examples the author argues that the human rights and the human development of Muslim women will not progress ...

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  • The Sociology of Hypocrisy

    The Sociology of Hypocrisy

    Identifying the negative effects of the detection of hypocrisy at individual and institutional levels, the author engages with the work of Goffman to argue for the importance of trust in institutions, underlining the necessity of minimizing and correcting hypocritical acts ...

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  • Interregionalism and the European Union

    Interregionalism and the European Union

    Is the EU isolated within the emergent multipolar world? Concentrating on interregional relations and focussing on the European Union’s evolving international role with regards to regional cooperation, this innovative book collects a set of fresh empirical analyses of interregional ...

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  • Personal Identity and Buddhist Philosophy

    Personal Identity and Buddhist Philosophy

    Fully revised and updated, and drawing on developments in the author's own thinking, Siderits's second edition explores the conversation between Buddhist and Western Philosophy showing how concepts and tools drawn from one philosophical tradition can help solve problems ...

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  • The Principles of Islamic Marketing

    The Principles of Islamic Marketing

    The Principles of Islamic Marketing provides a complete guide to the requirements an organization needs to follow when managing its entire marketing function within the Muslim market or when adapting part of its offering to that market. This is not a religious book. It's ...

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  • Festival Culture in the World of the Spanish Habsburgs

    Festival Culture in the World of the Spanish Habsburgs

    Festivals and ceremonials played a major role in the Spanish world; through them local identities as well as a common Spanish culture made their presence manifest within and beyond the peninsula through ephemeral displays, music and print. This book explores Habsburg Visual ...

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  • Aesthetic Hybridity in Mughal Painting, 1526–1658

    Aesthetic Hybridity in Mughal Painting, 1526–1658

    The first critical study to be published on Mughal pictorial hybridity, this book investigates the workings of the diverse creative forces that underpinned the formation of the Mughal painting. Valerie Gonzalez here explores - with the updated methodology of art criticism ...

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