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  • Landscape Professional Practice

    Landscape Professional Practice

    Guided by the Landscape Institute’s 2013 Pathway to Chartership syllabus, this structured, step-by-step, narrative guide sets out the documentation commonly ...

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  • Dickens and the Imagined Child

    Dickens and the Imagined Child

    In Dickens and the Imagined Child, leading scholars explore the function of the child and childhood within Dickens’s imagination and reflect on the cultural ...

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  • Exercising Agency

    Exercising Agency

    Exercising Agency is a book about decision making. In particular, it looks in detail at how a very important type of organizational decision gets made: ...

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  • Popular Religion in Modern China

    Popular Religion in Modern China

    This book examines the role popular religion has played in modern Chinese politics. The popular religion of Nuo will be used as an example of how the ...

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  • Piero di Cosimo

    Piero di Cosimo

    Born in 1462, an auspicious time for hopeful young painters in Renaissance Florence, Piero di Cosimo left the city’s artistic landscape forever changed ...

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  • Foundations of Aviation Law

    Foundations of Aviation Law

    Foundations of Aviation Law is an easy-reading general primer into the often complex world of aviation law, written for aviation students as well as legal ...

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  • Christopher Marlowe at 450

    Christopher Marlowe at 450

    Commemorating the 450th birthday of a major, powerfully influential English poet and dramatist, Christopher Marlowe at 450 presents a comprehensive, up-to-date ...

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  • Value-creation in Middle Market Private Equity

    Value-creation in Middle Market Private Equity

    Seen as the job creating engine within the US economy, small business is often a prime target market for private equity investment. Indeed, private equity ...

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  • The Ashgate Research Companion to Military Ethics

    The Ashgate Research Companion to Military Ethics

    This Companion provides scholars and graduates, serving and retired military professionals, members of the diplomatic and policy communities concerned ...

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