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  • Geographical Aesthetics

    Geographical Aesthetics

    Bringing together timely commentaries by international, interdisciplinary scholars, Geographical Aesthetics is the first volume to make questions of geographical aesthetics a substantive concern. It reworks the historical relations between geography and aesthetics, and reconsiders ...

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  • Eroticism in Early Modern Music

    Eroticism in Early Modern Music

    This collection contributes to a small but significant literature on music, sexuality, and sex in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Europe. Contributors employ a variety of different approaches to the repertoire: musical and visual analysis; archival and cultural history ...

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  • Project Life Cycle Economics

    Project Life Cycle Economics

    Massimo Pica explains the fundamentals of project life cycle economics and how they apply in the context of complex modern construction. This is an essential guide for those involved in construction project design, tendering and contracting to help ensure the sustainability ...

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  • The European Union and Japan

    The European Union and Japan

    The EU and Japan have one of the most important trade relationships in the world. Fittingly, this book presents a detailed analysis of their bilateral regulatory environment and negotiation processes. Moreover, the two polities have also co-operated extensively in bilateral ...

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  • Ruskin's Venice:  The Stones Revisited New Edition

    Ruskin's Venice: The Stones Revisited New Edition

    In Ruskin’s Venice: The Stones Revisited, newly published in a revised, extended and re-designed edition, photographer Sarah Quill has selected passages from Ruskin’s The Stones of Venice and has linked them to her own photographs of Venetian architecture, so creating a ...

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  • Urban Mobilizations and New Media in Contemporary China

    Urban Mobilizations and New Media in Contemporary China

    The question of how and to what extent the internet can be used for mobilizing popular resistance in China is hotly debated. The government, virtual social organizations, and individual netizens both cooperate and compete with each other on the web. New media both increases ...

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  • Bluestockings Now!

    Bluestockings Now!

    Challenging the theory that the Bluestockings spanned only the period from the 1750s through the 1790s, this collection argues for a new vision of the Bluestockings as belonging to a chain of interconnected networks that can be traced from the early eighteenth century to ...

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  • Sustainable Markets for Sustainable Business

    Sustainable Markets for Sustainable Business

    Today, sustainability risks and opportunities have become a global imperative and a megatrend for business. Sustainable Markets for Sustainable Business explores the relationship between markets and business and sustainable development, as well as issues such as climate ...

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  • The Nation's First Monument and the Origins of the American Memorial Tradition

    The Nation's First Monument and the Origins of the American Memorial Tradition

    The commemorative tradition in early American art is considered for the first time in Sally Webster's fascinating study of public monuments and the construction of an American patronymic tradition. Until now, no attempt has been made to create a coherent early history of ...

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  • Anthony McCall

    Anthony McCall

    Charting the development of the studio practice of artist Anthony McCall (b. 1946), this publication features facsimile reproductions of pages from McCall's extensive archive of notebooks, which are supported by production scores and installation photographs. It was formed ...

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