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  • Sex, Gender and Society

    Sex, Gender and Society

    What are the differences between the sexes? That is the question that Ann Oakley set out to answer in this pioneering study, now established as a classic in the field. Now newly reissued with a substantial introduction which highlights its continuing relevance, this work ...

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  • Charles Dickens's Great Expectations

    Charles Dickens's Great Expectations

    As Mary Hammond observes in her wide-ranging publishing history of the novel, Great Expectations' life has extended far beyond the literary Anglophone world and owes a great deal to a particular moment in the mid-Victorian publishing industry. Her book features an exhaustive ...

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  • Man-Made


    Eva Tutchell and John Edmonds’ Man-Made looks at women in business, government and not-for-profit organizations to explore the reasons behind - and the solutions to - the gross underrepresentation of women in leadership positions. Along the way, the authors look at the value ...

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  • Geographies of Health and Development

    Geographies of Health and Development

    This book begins by exploring some of the circumstances surrounding the distinctive health inequities currently facing many developing countries, including malaria, maternal mortality and HIV/AIDS. This is followed by a discussion of how matters of physical access and human ...

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  • The Ashgate Research Companion to Theological Anthropology

    The Ashgate Research Companion to Theological Anthropology

    Philosophers and theologians address the relationship between body and soul and its implications for theological anthropology, interacting with cognitive science, biological evolution, psychology, and sociology. Reflecting these exciting new developments, The Ashgate Research ...

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  • Sir John Soane’s Influence on Architecture from 1791

    Sir John Soane’s Influence on Architecture from 1791

    Through examinations of internationally-renowned architects, Bradbury demonstrates that Sir John Soane’s influence has been truly international in the pre-modern era, reaching throughout the British Isles and beyond to North America and even colonial Australia. Through his ...

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  • Reading and the Victorians

    Reading and the Victorians

    Bringing together historians, literary scholars, theorists, librarians, and historians of the book, Reading and the Victorians examines the era when reading underwent a swifter and more radical transformation than at any other moment in history. The contributors stress the ...

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  • The Value Trail

    The Value Trail

    Value stands as the ultimate trade-off between customers and companies. The Value Trail by Dr Marc Sansó develops a disruptive new model of strategic analysis based around three areas of value: Appreciation, Concentration and Predation.A central issue for most managers is ...

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  • The Tory World

    The Tory World

    Working forward from the later seventeenth century, Jeremy Black explores the ‘deep history’ of the changing and competing understandings within the Tory party of the role Britain has aspired to play on a world stage. With a supporting cast from Pitt to Disraeli, Churchill ...

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  • Piero di Cosimo

    Piero di Cosimo

    Born in 1462, an auspicious time for hopeful young painters in Renaissance Florence, Piero di Cosimo left the city’s artistic landscape forever changed upon his death in 1522. The singular vision of this highly esteemed painter is beautifully presented in this important ...

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