The Library of Essays in International Humanitarian Law

Series editor: Michael N. Schmitt, US Naval War College, USA and Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg, European University Viadrina Frankfurt, Germany

  • This series brings together the most significant works in the field of humanitarian law published in the last century. The selected essays include classics of humanitarian law, lesser-known articles of exceptional quality and insight and articles which have become influential as this body of law develops in the 21st century.

    The collection demonstrates the importance of the work of prior generations of humanitarian lawyers and the relevance of this work for contemporary debates. Second, although sometimes criticized as vague and imprecise, this series shows that humanitarian law can be subjected to rigorous analysis that clarifies its intent and scope. Finally, humanitarian law is the product of a carefully crafted, and very fragile, balance between two competing concerns - military necessity and humanitarian considerations - and if this balance is thrown askew the law necessarily suffers and may eventually become inoperable.

    This six-volume series reprints the most significant works in the field published in the last century and enables scholars to better understand the evolution of humanitarian law; students to study influential essays side by side and practitioners to apply the law in national and international tribunals.

    The six volumes in this series are:

    The Conduct of Hostilities in International Humanitarian Law: Volume I
    The Conduct of Hostilities in International Humanitarian Law: Volume II
    Detention and Occupation in International Humanitarian law
    The Development and Principles of International Humanitarian Law
    The Implementation and Enforcement of International Humanitarian Law
    The Scope and Applicability of International Humanitarian Law

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