Submitting a Proposal

Ashgate commissioning editors are actively seeking new book proposals. The guidelines aim to provide potential authors with an outline of the basic details it is useful to have in any new book proposal.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your idea.


Text Preparation Guidelines

For guidance on preparing your book for Ashgate or Gower, including our house style preferences and details on our requirements for publication, please download our Author Guide.

Please note, these guidelines should be used only by authors whose books are formally under contract with Ashgate - all others should see the proposal submission guidelines, and/or contact the Ashgate commissioning editor for the discipline most closely relating to your topic.

We encourage authors to deliver their files via our FTP site (especially if they are large in size). A folder has been set up on our site for you to access with a user name and password which you can obtain from us. If you are not familiar with using an ftp site your IT Department should be able to advise you. Alternatively here are some guidelines on how to use a popular ftp client if you would like them.






Marketing Your Book 


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