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More About Ashgate's Religion and Theology List


Reflecting our aim to build a balanced publishing programme which places contemporary, sometimes controversial, research alongside work within more traditional and established fields, the Ashgate list encompasses the diversity within theology, biblical and religious studies.

Our commissioning focus continues to develop a broad mix of academic research and upper-level student texts, ranging from old testament studies and theology in late antiquity, to liturgy and worship in society and contemporary radical theology; from science and religion, religion and the arts, and philosophy of religion, to world, indigenous and controversial new religions. Our profile series reflect many of the key areas of focus on our list.

We look forward to continuing to work with our authors, customers and the wider academic community to provide a first-class service and publish a world-class list. The quality of our programme relies on our authors, of course. If you are interested in submitting your new book proposal or discussing ideas for new publishing ventures, please do get in touch.

Sarah Lloyd
Publisher, Theology, Religious Studies, and Philosophy of Religion