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About Ashgate's Information and Cultural Management List

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Here you will find:

  • practical books for information and cultural management professionals, whether working in corporate, public or academic libraries, in museums, in heritage sites or archives.
  • academic monographs, textbooks and reference books written by and for researchers and students of information science, museum studies, and heritage management.

Our key areas of publishing currently include:

  • library and collection management
  • museum and heritage management
  • digital technologies - including the series Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities
  • information marketing
  • archiving and data management
  • library building and design

We are expanding our list and new authors should contact the Publisher Dymphna Evans.

With increased public investment and growing employment opportunities, the cultural and creative sectors have made a substantial contribution to economic and social development in many countries across the world. Ashgate, Gower and Lund Humphries offer a range of exciting titles which include undergraduate and graduate texts, handbooks for professional practice, reference books and research monographs on topics across the broad spectrum of cultural activities.

Ashgate’s Information and Cultural Management list is growing in response to international demand for new and innovative titles on the management of cultural organizations including the visual and performing arts, museums and heritage institutions, and library and information centres.

Information and Cultural Management titles from Ashgate include a wide range of authoritative texts on key skills in libraries, museums, archives, and heritage institutions. Many of our texts have reached their second, third or even later editions in recognition of their valuable contribution to information and cultural management best practice. The list includes a range of practical and reference books on archives and record management, classification, library planning and design, and museum management, with a heritage management list in development.

We also have a particularly strong list of research monographs in library and information science.