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More About Ashgate's History List


With books covering subjects from late antiquity through to the end of the twentieth century, Ashgate has a commitment to publishing a broad spectrum of works by historians from across the world. Concentrating on post-graduate research, with monographs and multi-authored volumes written by established and up-and-coming scholars, Ashgate’s history list is complemented by a number of titles written by non-academic specialists, alongside a significant number of surveys, reference and primary source books. Ashgate actively encourages authors to approach subjects in an interdisciplinary manner, taking account of recent scholarship from related disciplines.

Publishing a list that offers a wide selection of titles in terms of subject, period and geography, Ashgate has developed a number of areas of particular strength. Many of these areas are represented by a History Series, which allows for a more in depth approach to a subject via a series of related titles. Key areas of strength for Ashgate include:

  • medieval history, particularly crusade and Byzantine studies;
  • early modern history, especially gender and reformation studies;
  • intellectual and cultural history;
  • history of science and medicine.

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These focused areas are complemented by Ashgate’s Variorum imprint which brings together selections of key articles on specific subjects. Additional series in the fields of literature, music, theology and visual studies reflect the increasing emphasis placed by scholars upon integrating a broad range of cultural indicators within an overall historical context.

History remains the single largest list within Ashgate’s publishing programme, and offers an imaginative and expanding platform to showcase some of the best new scholarly research. These books continue to challenge received ideas about the past, and to provide a more sophisticated understanding of how human societies worked, interacted and expressed themselves.


The History commissioning editors are:

Michael Greenwood
(Ancient History)

John Smedley
(Byzantine and Medieval History)

Tom Gray
(Early Modern History)

Emily Yates
(Modern History since 1800)