Guy Loft

I’ve been commissioning for Ashgate’s Aviation & Human Factors list since June 2004, initially alongside the founder of the list, John Hindley, until his retirement at the end of 2005. I’m forever grateful to John for the work he did in creating an extraordinary collection of books by the most eminent individuals in their fields and have enjoyed enormously building upon this unique foundation.

Those familiar with the list will have noticed an increase in the frequency of new books being published in recent years as well as a broadening of the scope of the publications, most notably the growing number of titles focusing on specific safety-critical domains such as healthcare, mining, shipping and offshore drilling. Academic monographs will continue to remain our forte, but to complement these we are also publishing undergraduate textbooks, comprehensive handbooks, reference volumes, collections of seminal essays on key topics and more practical books written for time-pressured professionals. That’s not to say we have all book types covered – I’m very much open to new concepts and subject areas that would develop our portfolio further.

As publisher I see my primary role as being one of facilitator; a collaborator to enable great researchers and writers to achieve their publishing aims and disseminate important work and guidance to the appropriate communities worldwide. I feel that support, encouragement and constructive feedback are extremely important elements of the author-publisher relationship. I’d like to think it’s no coincidence that so many authors come back to publish with Ashgate again and again.

I’m always keen to learn about ongoing research and talk over concepts for future books. If you have an idea for a new book that you’d like to explore with me, simply send an email via the link below and I’ll respond as soon as I can to initiate discussions. If possible, I find a face-to-face meeting can help enormously. I attend several relevant conferences and am always receptive to a friendly chat.

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