Extremism, Counter-terrorism and Policing

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  • Edited by Imran Awan, Birmingham City University, UK and Brian Blakemore, University of South Wales, UK
  • Extremism, Counter-terrorism and Policing brings together a diverse range of multidisciplinary studies to explore the extent of extremism and how communities are policed.

    Through analysing the historical development, the present situation, and future trends in the forms and ability to police violent extremism and terrorism, this text provides a detailed contribution towards both academic and policy debate surrounding extremism, its causes, and treatments.

    With chapters written by experts in their fields, this book provides the reader with detailed definitions of extremism; the psychology of extremists and the causes of radicalisation; policing extremism within a counter-terrorism context; community policing approaches to combating extremism; the legal frameworks and legislation regarding extremism and its limitations in an international setting; and public perceptions and understanding of extremism.

    It is crucial for policing professionals, policy-makers and academics to have a detailed understanding of government policy and the methods towards tackling extremism from a policing and community level. Extremism, Counter-terrorism and Policing gives a policing rationale alongside specific community approaches towards tackling extremist threats and provides key details for policy readers as well as academics.
  • Contents: Introduction; Extremism, radicalisation and terrorism, Imran Awan; Policing extremism within a counter-terrorism context, Imran Awan; Combating extremism through community policing, Patrick Tucker; Psychology of extremism, Jane Prince; International strategies for preventing extremism and terrorism, Imran Awan; Extremist groups and organisations, Brian Blakemore; An identity crisis: creating extreme identities in an era of counter-terrorism, Angharad Saunders; Countering global extremism, Huw Smart; Trends and the postmodernist extremist, Brian Blakemore; Extremism, counter-terrorism and policing, Imran Awan and Brian Blakemore; Index.
  • About the Editor: Imran Awan, Birmingham City University, UK and Brian Blakemore, University of Glamorgan, UK.
  • Reviews: ‘Despite a decade of tackling the home-grown terrorist threat, preventing terrorism and violent extremism remains the greatest contemporary policing challenge. This new volume is a valuable contribution to understanding how the police service can deliver effective counter-terrorism measures while maintaining the essential trust, confidence and cooperation of the public they serve.’
    Andrew Staniforth, North East Counter-Terrorism Unit & Centre of Excellence for Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research (CENTRIC), UK