Sexual Identity Veiled and Revealed

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  • Edited by Dennis R. Cooley, North Dakota State University, USA and Kelby Harrison, University of Southern California, USA
  • Passing/Out adopts an inter-generational, inter-disciplinary, and inter-subjective approach to the closeting and revelation of sexual identity, exploring questions of embodiment, ethics and identity in relation to 'passing' or being 'out'. Presenting the latest theoretical and empirical work from scholars working across a range of disciplines including sociology, cultural and media studies, philosophy, gender studies, literary studies and history, this book discusses the nature and history of sexual identity and the manner in which identity functions within social relationships. In recognition of the transformative impact of queer theory upon the study of sexuality and identity, Passing/Out constructs a dialogue between the work of scholars whose intellectual careers began prior to the advent of queer theory and those whose work has been more immediately and directly shaped by this approach, with a view to breaking new ground in the field of identity.

    Shedding light on the meaning of 'passing' and 'outing' in relation to identity, this volume will be of interest to social scientists and scholars of the humanities working on questions of sexuality, identity, embodiment and ethics.
  • Contents: Introduction, Dennis R. Cooley and Kelby Harrison; The ontological foundations of passing, Mark Chekola and Nancy Arden McHugh; Complicating reason(s) and praxis for coming out, Dennis Cooley, Alice MacLachlan, and Susanne Sreedhar; Power, oppression, and passing, Daniel Hurewitz and Kelby Harrison; Cross-generational risks of ascribing and employing 'queer', 'gay and lesbian' or even 'straight', Janna Jackson Kellinger and Rob Cover; At the intersection of racial and sexual passing and African-American celebrity, Willie Tolliver and C. Riley Snorton; Margins within the marginal: bi-invisibility and intersexual passing, Samantha Brennan and Maren Behrensen; Transgender identity and passing authentically, Christine Overall and Karin Sellberg; Index.
  • About the Editor: Dennis R. Cooley is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Ethics and Associate Director of the Northern Plains Ethics Institute at North Dakota State University, USA.

    Kelby Harrison is the director of the LGBT Resource Center at the University of Southern California. She has a Ph.D. in philosophy and gender studies from Northwestern University.
  • Reviews: 'Passing/Out is an exciting collection of thoughtful and sometimes even fiery conversations on the topic of LGBTIQ identities and the complex notions of passing and coming out. The essays are lucid and highly engaging and the diverse and dialogical nature of the anthology allows for an exploration that is both broad and deep. It's a must read – and a fun read – for anybody interested in the ethical, political, and metaphysical dimensions of "passing" and "out-ness".'
    Talia Mae Bettcher, California State University, Los Angeles, USA