Health Workforce Governance

Improved Access, Good Regulatory Practice, Safer Patients

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  • Edited by Stephanie D. Short, The University of Sydney, Australia and Fiona McDonald, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Series: Law, Ethics and Governance
  • With increasing recognition of the international market in health professionals and the impact of globalism on regulation, the governance of the health workforce is moving towards greater public engagement and increased transparency. This book discusses the challenges posed by these processes such as improved access to health services and how structures can be reformed so that good practice is upheld and quality of service and patient safety are ensured.

    With contributions from regulators, academics, lawyers and health professionals, this book presents arguments from multiple perspectives. Of global relevance, it brings together concerns about access, quality and safety within the framework of the health workforce governance continuum and will be of interest to policy makers, regulators, health professionals, academics legal practitioners, insurers, students and researchers.
  • Contents: Introduction; The health workforce governance continuum: improved access, good practice, safer patients, Stephanie D. Short and Fiona McDonald; Part I Improved Access: Major issues in the global mobility of health professionals, Robyn R. Iredale; Building an ethical and sustainable model for health professional recruitment, William Ransome and Charles Sampford; The global health workforce 'crisis' and inequities in health care access: advancing a gender and organisations approach to policy, research and practice, Toni Schofield; Good doctors, safer patients, improved access: the case of Indonesia, Stephanie D. Short, Hasbullah Thabrany, Valentin D. Hadjiev, Yaslis Ilyas, Robyn R. Iredale, Firman Lubis, Suchaya Thongyoo and Kirsten Harley. Part II Good Regulatory Practice: Challenging the regulatory trinity: global trends in health professional regulation, Fiona McDonald; Interprofessionalism and collaborative self-regulation in the health professions: two variations on an emerging Canadian theme, William Lahey; Saving Polly: can professional self-regulation play an ongoing role in the delivery of medical care?, Daniel Klass; A national scheme for health practitioner registration and accreditation: the case of Australia, Fiona Pacey, Kirsten Harley, Craig Veitch and Stephanie D. Short; Governance challenges for primary health care, Paul Dugdale. Part III Safer Patients: Regulating the health professions: protecting professionals or protecting patients?, Judith Healy; Scandals, public inquiries and health professional regulation, Fiona McDonald; The perfect storm: a case of wrong-sided surgery, Helen Turnbull; Index.
  • About the Editor: Stephanie D. Short is the Professor of Health Sciences at The University of Sydney. She leads the health governance program within the Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law, a joint initiative of the United Nations University, Griffith University and the QUT Faculty of Law in association with the Australian National University and convenes HealthGov, a division of the Australian Research Council Governance Research Network. Prof. Short is Executive Director of the Governing Council of the International Consortium for Governance Research on the Health Workforce.

    Fiona McDonald is a Senior Lecturer in Queensland University of Technology's Law Faculty. Her research focuses on health system governance and has four broad themes: professionals; institutions; research; and patient safety.
  • Reviews: 'This book provides an illuminating account of the key issues facing healthcare workforce governance in the 21st century. It makes an important call for a more evidence based approach, and is itself a major contribution to the evidence base from many different perspectives and disciplines.'
    Anna van der Gaag, President, Health Professions Council

    'Never before have I come across a volume of collected works which addresses health workforce governance issues from ethical international recruitment to the challenges of the "regulatory trinity" in such a comprehensive and engaging manner. It is a must read for health workforce policy and planning decision-makers and knowledge users.'
    Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, University of Ottawa, Canada