Mobilities and Health

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  • Anthony C. Gatrell, Lancaster University, UK
  • Series: Ashgate's Geographies of Health Series
  • Looking at health and health care in a new way, this book examines health risks and benefits as encountered 'on the move' rather than focusing on the risks and benefits incurred at fixed locations. The provision and utilization of health care is also investigated, as produced/delivered and consumed/accessed in mobile settings.

    Engaging with the contemporary concern with 'mobilities' this book covers many forms of movement and flow, including movements of people, disease, information and health care. The issues and problems which are considered - whether re-emerging infections, displaced persons, or the 'risks' of globalised travel - are of current and ongoing concern.

    Drawing on three main disciplines, geography, sociology, and epidemiology, author Tony Gatrell makes strong connections between these areas of inquiry, drawing on (for example) social theorising, geographical concepts, and epidemiological methods and data. The book will be of interest to the growing number of geographers working on the geography of health, along with social scientists involved in the mobilities 'turn'. More broadly, as issues of global public health that invariably involve the movements of people, goods, viruses and information continue to hit the headlines, the book is both timely and of policy relevance.
  • Contents: Preface; Mobilising concepts; Part 1 Travel: Walking and cycling; Four wheels good?, Trains, and boats and planes; Vacations and the tourist. Part 2 Migration: The displaced and dispossessed; Migration, health and well-being. Part 3 Diffusion: Disease spread in first modernity; Disease spread in second modernity: emerging and re-emerging diseases. Part 4 Communication and Care: Mobilities of information; Mobilities of carers and care; Conclusions: emerging themes for mobilities and health; Bibliography; Index.
  • About the Author: Anthony C. Gatrell, Dean, School of Health and Medicine, and Professor of the Geography of Health, Lancaster University, UK
  • Reviews: 'This is a fascinating book that eloquently illuminates how health is inextricably connected to human movements at various spatial and temporal scales. With refreshing insights that help us move beyond the conventional notion that health behaviors and outcomes are mainly shaped by places with fixed geographical locations and boundaries, this will be an inspiring book for health researchers in all disciplines and an excellent text for undergraduate- and graduate-level courses.'
    Mei-Po Kwan, Ohio State University, USA

    'Contemporary thinking about "mobilities" offers to breathe new life into social scientific understandings of public health issues. This book relaxes conventional concerns with fixed locations and focuses instead on the flows of people and ideas across different scales. The result is a fresh perspective on health and wellbeing that takes the reader places in a way that allows the journey to be as important as the destination.'
    Robin Kearns, University of Auckland, New Zealand

    'As an object of reference for this growing literature on mobilities and health, Gatrell has undoubtedly produced a book that is timely, interesting, and written with great clarity of thought.'
    Environment and Planning B

    'Very warm praise for Gatrell's style is due. At last, someone is writing about mobilities in fairly plain English, such as an interested undergraduate might easily understand… Gatrell […] succeeds in communicating at every turn. Even when discussing complex topics, he remains lucid and readable.'
    Journal of Transport Geography