Volume 9

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  • Edited by Benjamin Z. Kedar, Hebrew University, Israel, Jonathan Phillips, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK, Jonathan Riley-Smith, University of Cambridge, UK, and William Purkis, the University of Birmingham, UK
  • Series: Crusades: 9
  • Crusades covers seven hundred years from the First Crusade (1095-1102) to the fall of Malta (1798) and draws together scholars working on theatres of war, their home fronts and settlements from the Baltic to Africa and from Spain to the Near East and on theology, law, literature, art, numismatics and economic, social, political and military history.

    Ashgate publishes this journal for The Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East. Particular attention is given to the publication of historical sources in all relevant languages - narrative, homiletic and documentary - in trustworthy editions, but studies and interpretative essays are welcomed too. Crusades appears in both print and online editions, and the subscription price covers both. The print edition also incorporates the Society's Bulletin. The journal is available on-line via IngentaConnect: . The on-line edition does not include the Society’s Bulletin.

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    ISSN: 1476-5276.
  • Contents: Orientalis ecclesia: the Papal Schism of 1130 and the Latin church of the Crusader states, Miriam Rita Tessera; On the Books of the Maccabees: an unpublished poem by Geoffrey, prior of the Templum Domini, Eyal Poleg; The Rabbinic master Jacob Tam and events of the 2nd Crusade at Reims, Norman Golb; Gerusalemme crociata e le immagini sacre: exempla, notazione estetiche e accenti devozionali nelle fonti medievali, Giuseppe Marella; Byzantines and Saladin: opponents of the 3rd Crusade? Savvas Neocleous; New perspectives on the Old French continuations of William of Tyre, Peter Edbury; Swicherio miles cividalese e le origini della Quinta crociata, Bruno Figliuolo; A diversion that never was: Thibaut IV of Champagne, Richard of Cornwall and Pope Gregory's crusading plans for Constantinople, 1235-1239, Nikolaos Chrissis; Mighty towers and feeble walls: Ayyubid and Mamluk fortifications in the late 12th and early 13th centuries in the light of the decline of crusader siege warfare, Kate Raphael; John Pecham on the Crusade, William C. Jordan; The fortunes of war: an 11th-century Greek liturgical manuscript (MS Sinai 512) and its history, Andrew Jotischky; Reconstructing the Hospitaller church of St John, Acre, with the help of Gravier d'Ortières's drawing of 1685-87, Vardit Shotten-Hallel; Reviews; Short notices; Bulletin 30 of the SSCLE.
  • About the Editor: Benjamin Z. Kedar is Professor in the the Department of History, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Jonathan Phillips is Professor of Crusading History in the Department of History, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK. Jonathan Riley-Smith is Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Emeritus, and Fellow of Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge, UK. William Purkis is Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Birmingham, UK