Museums and Design Education

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  • Edited by Beth Cook, Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design, (CETLD), UK, Rebecca Reynolds, Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design, (CETLD), UK and Catherine Speight, Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design, (CETLD), UK
  • How can museum educators and higher education tutors enhance the way HE students use museums?

    There are many examples in the UK of museums and universities working together in productive and innovative ways, but these relationships tend to be based on individual enthusiasm and opportunistic arrangements. Despite the growing importance of museum education departments, higher education tends to be overlooked by museums.

    This book looks at the interaction between design students and museums, and explores issues, projects and emerging ideas about how museums can better support HE students. It illustrates the general lessons that can be learnt, both strategic and practical, which can help to bring about long-term and constructive relationships between museums and universities in order to enable effective student learning.
  • Contents: Preface, Morna Hinton; Museums and higher education: a context for collaboration, Kate Arnold-Foster and Catherine Speight; Museums and higher education: a new specialist service?, Catherine Speight; Bridging perspectives – approaches to learning in museums and universities, Beth Cook and Catherine Speight; Creative differences: deconstructing the conceptual learning spaces of higher education and museums, Jos Boys; Learning paths: museum-based learning materials for design students, Rebecca Reynolds; Student use of a university museum, Rhianedd Smith; The design student experience in the museum, Beth Cook; Design learning in an Australian museum: a partnership project between the Powerhouse Museum and the University of Technology, Sydney, Geoffrey Caban and Carol Scott; Museums and material knowledge: the V&A as a source in fashion and textile design research, Torunn Kjølberg; A conversation across disciplines, Rebecca Reynolds; How can technology support design students' learning in museums?, Rebecca Reynolds; 'See what I'm saying': a case study in visual research, digital media and language, Patrick Letschka and Jill Seddon; The virtual museum, Mark Carnall and Beth Cook; Learning in second life, Karina Rodriguez-Echavarria and Lars Wieneke; Afterword, Anne Boddington, Beth Cook, Rebecca Reynolds and Catherine Speight; Index.
  • About the Editor: Beth Cook, Rebecca Reynolds and Catherine Speight are researchers working for the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design (CETLD), based at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
  • Reviews: 'This book sets in motion a long-overdue exploration of the relationship between museums and art and design education. Museum professionals, academics, artists and designers will find a penetrating consideration of educational theory, its practical application, and critical evaluation. The authors offer an inspired and rigorous investigation into the myriad ways learning from objects can inform critical thinking and creative practice.'
    Sarah Ganz Blythe, The Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art, USA

    'This is a thorough, detailed and sophisticated book, which will prove a very valuable contribution to a neglected area of museum work'.
    Eilean Hooper-Greenhill, University of Leicester, UK

    'As Morna Hinton notes in the preface this informative and insightful book provides the necessary research and descriptions of best practice to encourage the development of “long-term, sustainable, and constructive relationships between museums and universities” to the benefit of student learning. While the text focuses on how museums can direct and support the learning of design students, the approaches it presents would advance learning opportunities for all art students and higher education students in general'.
    Toby Tannenbaum, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, USA