Ordered Anarchy

Jasay and his Surroundings

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  • Edited by Hardy Bouillon, Centre for the New Europe, Belgium and Hartmut Kliemt, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany
  • Anthony de Jasay's work has been enormously influential, describing both a theoretical philosophical model for a stateless, liberal, free market order and offering analysis of and solutions to many of the technical economic problems associated with such a vision of society - most notably his work on the free rider and his return. In this book ten significant scholars in philosophy and political economy, including Nobel laureate in economics James Buchanan, pay tribute to the man and his work in a series of essays at once both respectful and critical.

    Ordered Anarchy focuses on three fundamental questions of libertarian thinking. Which are the basic libertarian principles and how do rights and liberties relate to each other? Is order possible and durable in an anarchic or quasi-anarchic society, and if so, under which preconditions? How and to what extent are the pillars of politics, such as the constitution, institutions and government, detrimental or beneficial to an enduring free society?

    While Narveson, Palmer and Bouillon focus on the first of these questions, the late Radnitzky and van Dun address the second. Benson, Holcombe and Kliemt provide answers to question number three, while Buchanan and Little highlight the role of Anthony de Jasay in this debate and the inspiration that his thinking has given to the authors of this volume.
  • Contents: Part I Introduction: Introducing Tony de Jasay, James Buchanan. Part II Principles of Ordered Anarchy: Rights, liberties and obligations, Hardy Bouillon; Anthony de Jasay on liberties and rights, Jan Narveson; No exit: framing the problem of justice, Tom G. Palmer. Part III Ways to Ordered Anarchy: Concepts of order, Frank van Dun; Against politics, for 'ordered anarchy', Gerard Radnitzky. Part IV Limits of Politics: Beliefs as institution-specific rationalized self interest, Bruce L. Benson; Why government?, Randall G. Holcombe; Constitutional optimism and skepticism in Buchanan and Jasay, Hartmut Kliemt. Part V Conclusion: Anthony de Jasay – a salute, I.M.D. Little; Indexes.
  • About the Editor: Hardy Bouillon is Head of Academic Affairs at the Centre for the New Europe, Belgium. Hartmut Kliemt is Professor of Philosophy and Economics at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Frankfurt, Germany.