Aviation Mental Health

Psychological Implications for Air Transportation

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  • Edited by Robert Bor, Royal Free Hospital London, UK and Todd Hubbard, Oklahoma State University, USA
  • This book provides an authoritative and practical guide to the assessment, management, treatment and care of pilots and other professional groups within aviation; covering a range of relevant topics, for health and human resources practitioners working in the airline industry.

    Pilot mental health has, hitherto, been regarded as a specialist topic in aviation medicine. Consequently, practitioners and researchers alike have been forced to consult specialist journals or seek out a relevant chapter on this topic in a general textbook to develop or update their understanding of the relevant issues. This book seeks to remedy this situation by gathering together all of the relevant insights into a single authoritative source gathered from the leading specialists in the field. It aims to cover all of the main relevant issues including the assessment, care, management and treatment of mental health problems, as well as the prevention of mental health problems among this occupational group.
  • Contents: Foreword; Aviation mental health: an introduction, Robert Bor and Todd Hubbard; Part 1 Psychological Issues of Flight and Cabin Crew: Psychological stress and air travel: an overview of psychological stress affecting airline passengers, Vivien Swanson and Iain B McIntosh; Psychological factors relating to physical health, Paul Richards, Jennifer Cleland and Jane Zuckerman; Psychological problems among passengers and on-board psychiatric emergencies, Graham Lucas and Tony Goodwin; The nature, characteristics, impact and personal implications of fear of flying, Elaine Iljon Foreman, Robert Bor and Lucas van Gerwen; Flight or fright? psychological approaches to the treatment of fear of flying, Elaine Iljon Foreman, Robert Bor, and Lucas van Gerwen; Posttraumatic stress reactions following aircraft disasters, Man Cheung Chung. Part 2 Psychological Processes among Passengers and Crew; Psychiatric Disorders and Syndromes among Pilots, Jennifer S Morse and Robert Bor; The psychiatric evaluation of air crew Gordon J Turnbull; Psychological assessment and reporting of crew mental health, Robert Bor; Psychological factors in cockpit crew selection, Robert A Roe and Pieter H Hermans; Psychological aspects of selection of flight attendants, Ferenc Albert; How cabin crew cope with work stress, Carina Eriksen; Psychological problems among Cabin Crew, Chris Partridge and Tracy Goodman. Part 3 Related Themes in Aviation; Psychological aspects of astronaut selection, David M Musson; Occupational factors in pilot mental health: sleep loss, jet lag and shift work, Jim Waterhouse, Ben Edwards, Greg Atkinson, Thomas Reilly, Mick Spencer and Adrian Elsey; Legal aspects of aviation health: the changing landscape, D Anthony Frances; Aviation psychology in a developing country: South Africa, Johann Coetzee; How we explain misfortune: psychological implications for mental health in aviation professionals, Todd Hubbard; Epilogue; Index.
  • About the Editor: Professor Robert Bor DPhil CPsychol FBPsS UKCP Reg FRAeS has worked as both a clinical and academic psychologist, and also holds a pilots' licence. He is presently a consultant clinical psychologist at the Royal Free Hospital, London, and Visiting Professor at City University, London, where he teaches on the MSc in Air Transport Management. He provides a specialist consultation service for air crew and their families for several leading international airlines and is also involved in the selection of airline pilots.

    Professor Todd Hubbard Ed D, Lt. Col. USAF (retired) is an Associate Professor and Principal Investigator for aviation-oriented research projects in educational psychology, cognitive psychology, ergonomics, and sociology at Oklahoma State University, where he holds the Clarence E. Page Endowed Chair. As a military pilot he accrued more than 3300 hours of flight time, had ratings in the KC-135, T-37, T-38, U-2R, and TR-1A aircraft and has logged time in the F-16 and RF-4.
  • Reviews: 'This is an excellent book for all managers with responsibility for staff in airlines and associated service providers. It provides an insight into mental health issues specifically for aircrew and cabin staff, and presents a manager with the core knowledge to improve recruitment, staff motivation, retention and performance. A very thought-provoking read.'
    Roger Wootton, City University, London

    'This book is not only essential reading for all those professionally involved in any way with aviation mental health - its assessment, management, treatment and care, it is also truly addictive reading for the curious.' - The RoSPA Occupational Safety & Health Journal February 2007

    'In conclusion, this book on Aviation Mental Health is a very interesting exposure to a new and promising area of mental health in a very professional and dedicated sector. It has broadened the scope from physiological and psychological assessment of fitness to fly towards domains of psychological and mental health issues.' Professor John Stoop, Lund University, HFES Newsletter, June 2007

    'Overall this is a useful practical guide to an important area of occupational mental health…'
    British Journal of Psychiatry Sept 2007

    ‘In summary, this is a very comprehensive but readable book. As well as being of value to all those interested in aviation, especially those with responsibility for crew-duties and shift patterns, for psychiatrists and psychologists working with aircrew and cabin crew it should be required reading.’
    Occupational Medicine, vol 63, no 1, January 2013