Shopping Choices with Public Transport Options

An Agenda for the 21st Century

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  • Imprint: Ashgate
  • Published: January 2003
  • Format: 219 x 153 mm
  • Extent: 310 pages
  • Binding: Hardback
  • ISBN: 978-0-7546-1810-2
  • ISBN Short: 9780754618102
  • BL Reference: 381.1
  • LoC Control No: 2002100904
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  • Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, National University of Singapore, Singapore and Peter J. McGoldrick, University of Manchester, UK
  • Series : Transport and Society
  • In recent years, the environmental, social and economic concerns regarding laissez-faire retail decentralization policies have resulted in an emergence of a global trend towards the provision of wider choices of good quality public transport modes in suburban areas. Existing research on transport choices to shopping areas simply looks at travel time, travel cost or distance as a measure of the 'deterrence' of getting to a retail outlet and has concentrated on the attributes of the retail outlets, thus neglecting the transport attributes.

    Based on a substantial study incorporating both quantitative and qualitative research, this engaging volume takes a more balanced view of both retail outlet and transport attributes. It employs a multi-method, sequential design to examine the many dimensions salient to how people evaluate transport options for shopping purposes and unravels many important issues in transport mode and retail destination choices.

  • Contents: Introduction; Trends in retail decentralization, retail and transport planning; Shopping and transport behavioural models; Methodology of study; Qualitative research data analysis; Factors affecting choice of shopping centres; Images of transport modes for shopping purposes; Conclusions and implications; Appendix; Bibliography; Index.

  • Reviews: ‘This book is likely to be of most interest to transport planners who are interested in the social aspects that may underline transport mode choice and travel attributes. Postgraduate students may also find this book of pracitical use in regard to approaching research, research techniques and as an example of research.’ Logistics and Transport Focus

    ‘There is much material here which adds to our knowledge of shopping behaviour in space and provides a useful basis for further research in both retail marketing and transport planning.’ Urban Studies