Ethics, Law and Society

Volume V

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  • Edited by Nicky Priaulx, Cardiff University, UK and Anthony Wrigley, Centre for Professional Ethics, Keele University, UK
  • Series: Ethics, Law and Society
  • This volume forms part of a series exploring key issues in ethics, law and society, published in association with the Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law and Society. The collection is a celebration of the approach and values embraced within previous volumes in the series. The works collectively address new technological, social and regulatory developments and the fresh ethical dilemmas these pose, but quite critically, also compel an urgent revisiting of social and legal issues that were once the subject of controversy but which have fallen out of the line of sight of academics, politicians and policy-makers. Bringing together selected papers, the editors seek to make apparent the thematic links between contributions in presenting works written by a group of international experts in response to specific ethical issues, including topics on the ethics of care, theorizing ethics, body politics and governance; as such, the collection is multidisciplinary in approach, seeks to appeal to a broad audience and provides a valuable resource for all those concerned with contemporary ethical issues. This fifth and final volume brings the series to a close and is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Jennifer Gunning.
  • Contents: Introduction: Introduction, Nicky Priaulx and Anthony Wrigley; Steering through choppy waters - a tribute to the bioethical nous of Jennifer (Jenny) Gunning 1944-2010, BSc 1st Class (Open University), PhD (Birkbeck). Søren Holm. Theme 1 - Ethics of Care: The ethics of care: resetting our social 'operating system' after Rational Man 2.0 and sorting out what we care about, Nicky Priaulx; Care as cornucopia: a critical ethics of care and fantasies of security in the neoliberal affective economy, Robin Mackenzie; Ethics and choice in healthcare: the case of public v. private cord blood banking, Karen Devine; Still gendered after all this time: care and autonomy in the child custody debates, Susan B. Boyd; Eradicating the badge of inferiority associated with caregiving men: masculinity, vulnerability and the global employment context, Michèle Alexandre. Theme 2 - Theorizing the Ethical: Theorizing the ethical: ethics as a shared means to a shared end, Nicky Priaulx; Why applied ethics?, Ruth Chadwick; Criminalization and the moral responsibility for sexual transmission of HIV, Scott Burris and Matthew Weait; Re-thinking the ethical: everyday shifts of care in biogerontology, Joanna Latimer and Maria Puig de la Bellacasa. Theme 3 - Body Politics: Body politics, Anthony Wrigley; Informed choice not informed consent: shifting focus and protecting interests, Bernadette Richards; Informed choice over informed consent: cracking the old Chesternut?, Tom Hayes; Wanted dead or alive: organ donation and limitations on surrogate consent on non-competent living donors, Anthony Wrigley; Swept under the carpet: why surrogacy law needs urgent review, Kirsty Horsey; Screening applicants for assisted reproduction: complexities and issues, Sonia Allan. Theme 4 - Governance: Governance: creating an ethical architecture, Nicky Priaulx; Human tissue: a common regulatory framework for its procurement, storage and use, Jennifer Gunning; Moving human embryonic stem cells internationally: near-future challenges for the UK Stem Cell Bank and American collaborators, Natasha Hammond-Browning and Neil Stephens; Confidentiality and the family courts: ethical dilemmas for health and social work practice, Julie Doughty; Index.
  • About the Editor: Nicky Priaulx is Co-Editor of Ethics, Law and Society Volume V (Ashgate Publishing, 2012) and a Senior Lecturer in the Law School, Cardiff University, UK. She is author of The Harm Paradox: Tort Law and the Unwanted Child in an Era of Choice (Routledge-Cavendish, 2007) and Director of the Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law & Society at Cardiff University and the Legal Aspects of Medical Practice LLM Programme.

    Anthony Wrigley is Co-Editor of Ethics, Law & Society Volume V (Ashgate Publishing, 2012) and a Senior Lecturer in Ethics in the Centre for Professional Ethics, Keele University. He is a philosopher with research interests in ethics, metaphysics and law who has published widely in philosophy and applied ethics. His work predominantly tackles issues at the margins of life, from harms and the Non-Identity Problem in reproductive ethics to the scope and limits of advance decision-making for those who have lost capacity. He is also co-author of the European Textbook on Ethics in Research (The European Union, 2010).
  • Reviews: ‘This is an exciting, rich and wide-ranging collection of original essays. Anyone with an interest in contemporary ethical and regulatory developments will find much to enjoy, to illuminate and to provoke further reflection in the pages of this book.’
    Sally Sheldon, Kent University, UK

    ‘Every piece in this surprising and diverse collection, whatever the disciplinary perspective and whatever the topic chosen by the author, looks critically at the role of ethics and ethical discourse, as well as law, in both the production of knowledge and the legal and regulatory power that surrounds the part of the human experience that is the chapter’s subject. The result is a collection of essays that not only honors the life-long work and passion of a dear colleague and friend, but also provokes, intrigues, and enlightens, suggesting multiple paths for the futures of the related fields of bioethics, the study of care and caregiving, and the ethics and law of reproduction and reproductive technologies.’
    Robin West, Georgetown University Law Center, USA