The Library of Essays on Justice

Series editor: Tom D.Campbell, Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Charles Sturt University, Australia

  • Justice is one of the most enduring and central concepts within applied philosophy, and generates a vast and varied literature. In recent decades several topics within the field have undergone significant development and this six-volume series, which brings together the best and most important contemporary articles on justice, constitutes a much needed update on the current state of research in this field.

    The series includes articles relating to the general theory of justice, where renewed attention has been given to the notion of desert and procedural justice, along with constitutional law and distributive justice, where important recent work on egalitarianism has emerged. More recently, the discourse of justice has also become entwined with political debate and the series includes articles relating to the application of justice to areas such as global institutions, and to ideals such as equality, reciprocity, humanity and rights.

    The editors of each volume have been selected for their eminence in the study of law, politics and philosophy and their specially commissioned introductions present an overview of the issues in that particular volume together with comments on the background and significance of their selection. The essays are reproduced in full with the original pagination for ease of reference and citation.

    The six volumes in this series are:

    Distributive Justice
    Global Justice
    Intergenerational Justice
    Justice and the Capabilities Approach
    Procedural Justice
    Theories of Justice

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