Practical Building Conservation

Series editor: English Heritage

  • Since the original series of Practical Building Conservation appeared in 1988, it has become a standard reference for those caring for historic buildings large and small: essential reading for architects, surveyors and building managers, as well as conservators. Ashgate Publishing and English Heritage are now publishing an update to this seminal series. The new series has not only been updated to cover the latest techniques and materials, but has been greatly expanded and copiously illustrated. English Heritage is renowned for its expertise in the conservation of buildings, gardens and archaeological sites, and these books are an accessible distillation of many years of experience. They look in detail at building materials ranging from the ancient to the modern, and are studded throughout with practical advice.
  • Reviews: RIBA says…
    'They offer considerable information and advice on many aspects of conservation… Great emphasis is placed in all the volumes on making the reader familiar with the material in question, giving them as much information and direction as possible to allow them to understand what they are dealing with… gives a comprehensive ‘hands on’ approach; solutions are found, methods described and practical tips freely given.'
    Jane Jones-Warner, Member RIBA Conservation Group, RIBA SCA AABC IHBC

    'The primary editors for each volume acknowledge the contributions of numerous authors and the series’ strength is in the breadth of the conservation community engaged in the project - a twenty-first-century galaxy of highly regarded practitioners and conservators brought together in a single technical series… the books are accessibly organized and elegantly designed. It is easy to navigate around them and, importantly, between them. Links to other volumes in the series are colour-coded in the text so that cross-referral to Stone, for example, from Mortars, which is frequently relevant, provides helpful signposting to the relevant detailed guidance in the companion handbook… The illustrations are enormously valuable and the Timber volume, in particular, includes axonometric drawings of timber structures that beautifully display complex construction. These volumes are in all ways an essential, one-stop resource for conservation practitioners: well-organized, expertly informed, compellingly illustrated, signposting other key resources and (let us not take this for granted) written in lucid English.'
    The Historic Environment
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  • Discount available: Once all ten volumes of Practical Building Conservation are published then a ten volume set will be available at the discounted price of £500 / $975 (with a further 10% online discount). If you would like to commit to purchasing the set now please contact Ashgate’s Sales team to ascertain whether you would like to receive the first five volumes now and to record your order for the remaining five volumes or whether you would prefer to wait until all ten volumes are available before your order is supplied. Whichever decision you make, the books will be supplied at the discounted price.

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