Ashgate AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Series

Series editor: Linda Woodhead, University of Lancaster, UK, and Rebecca Catto, University of Coventry, UK

  • This book series emanates from the largest research programme on religion in Europe today- the AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme which has invested in over seventy-five research projects. Thirty-two separate disciplines are represented looking at religion across the world, many with a contemporary and some with an historical focus. This international, multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary book series will include monographs, paperback textbooks and edited research collections drawn from this leading research programme.
  • For more information on how to submit a book proposal to the series, please contact Sarah Lloyd, at
  • Professor James A. Beckford, University of Warwick comments on the research programme and the Ashgate series:
    'The Religion and Society Programme is a model of ambitious and sensitive research that draws imaginatively on the arts, humanities and social sciences. It has transformed not only academic research but also public debate about change and continuity in the forms, practices and implications of religions at all levels of society. Its impact on ways of thinking about, and investigating, religions will be welcomed and celebrated for generations to come. The Ashgate book series, which is developing from leading research emanating from the programme, is much anticipated and will provide an invaluable resource to those exploring critical issues in contemporary religion and society.'

    Series Editors Linda Woodhead (Programme Director) and Rebecca Catto (Programme Research Associate) explain the background to the series:
    Generously funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and Economic and Social Research Council, the Religion and Society Programme has produced a wealth of new findings. We are delighted to be working with Ashgate to present some of this work in a new book series.

    The partnership is a natural one, given that both the Programme and Ashgate have been instrumental in supporting high-quality, cross-disciplinary research on religion and society.

    Many scholars funded by the Programme are developing edited and authored books for the series. Their work spans many disciplines and methods, and historical and contemporary topics, and practical and theoretical approaches. Taken as a whole it extends our knowledge of the vibrant, multifaceted nature of religion worldwide.

    The Rt Hon Charles Clarke, ex Home Secretary, comments:
    'The research which has been conducted on the Programme enables society to form better judgements and take better decisions which in turn have important implications for the life of millions of people.'
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