Ashgate Studies in Architecture

Series editor: Eamonn Canniffe, Manchester School of Architecture, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Ashgate Studies in Architecture

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  • The discipline of Architecture is undergoing subtle transformation as design awareness permeates our visually dominated culture. Technological change, the search for sustainability and debates around the value of place and meaning of the architectural gesture are aspects which will affect the cities we inhabit. This series seeks to address such topics, both theoretically and in practice, through the publication of high quality original research, written and visual.

    Topics to be covered include the following:

    Architectural history and theory and their relationship to the development of the discipline, building conservation, heritage and creative adaptation.

    The formal and aesthetic values of architectural design, the diversity of its expression of identity, and its representation in other media.

    The impact of technological innovation on the materialisation of architecture and the questions surrounding environmental sustainability, experimentation and visionary design.

    The social and psychological context of architectural production, its relationship to occupants, clients and to other creative and professional disciplines, and the political situation in which it is commissioned.

    Proposals will be welcomed which explore or connect aspects of these themes. Subjects which deal with individual architects, with specific buildings or building types, and the critical interpretation of historical and contemporary architecture from a theoretical or philosophical perspective are particularly encouraged. Architecture's embodiment of technical, social, and aesthetic aspects will also be emphasised.
    •  Eamonn Canniffe
      Eamonn Canniffe