Juris Diversitas

Series editor: Seán Patrick Donlan, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland

  • Rooted in comparative law, the Juris Diversitas series focuses on the interdisciplinary study of legal and normative mixtures and movements. Our interest is in comparison broadly conceived, extending beyond law narrowly understood to related fields. Titles might be geographical or temporal comparisons. They could focus on theory and methodology, substantive law, or legal cultures. They could investigate official or unofficial 'legalities', past and present and around the world. And, to effectively cross spatial, temporal, and normative boundaries, inter- and multi-disciplinary research is particularly welcome.
  • Series Advisory Board:
    Editorial Board
    Olivier Moréteau, Louisiana, US
    Ignazio Castellucci, Trento Italy/Macau, China
    Lukas Heckendorn Urscheler, Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, Switzerland
    Salvatore Mancuso, Cape Town, South Africa
    Christa Rautenbach, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa

    Advisory Board
    Philip Bailhache, Jersey, UK
    Sue Farran, Northumbria, UK
    Patrick Glenn, McGill, Canada
    Marie Goré, Pantheon-Assas (Paris 2), France
    Werner Menski, SOAS, London, UK
    Esin Örücü Emeritus, Glasgow, UK
    Vernon Valentine Palmer, Tulane, US
    Rodolfo Sacco Emeritus, Turin, Italy
    William Twining Emeritus, University College London, UK and Miami, US
    Jacques Vanderlinden, Emeritus, Free University of Brussels, Belgium and Moncton, Canada, Emeritus