Hakluyt Society, Third Series

Series editor: Gloria Clifton, National Maritime Museum, UK; Joyce Lorimer, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

Hakluyt Society, Third Series

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    The Hakluyt Society has for its object the advancement of knowledge and education, particularly in relation to the understanding of world history. The society publishes scholarly editions of primary sources on the 'Voyages and Travels' undertaken by individuals from many parts of the globe. These address the geography, ethnology and natural history of the regions visited, covering all continents and every period over the last two thousand years. Such texts, many previously available only in manuscript or in unedited publications in languages other than English, are the essential records of the stages of inter-continental and inter-cultural encounter.

    Established in 1846, the Society has to date published over 350 volumes. All editions are in English. Although a substantial number of the Society's past editions relate to British ventures, with documentary sources in English, the majority concern non-British enterprises and are based on texts in languages other than English. Material originally written in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French or Dutch has regularly appeared, material in Russian, Greek, Latin, Ethiopic, Chinese, Persian or Arabic occasionally.

    All editions contain an introduction and scholarly annotation, giving both the general reader and the student a degree of assistance in understanding the material and providing guidance on the relevance of the episodes described, within the context of global development and world history. Volumes are often generously furnished with maps and contemporary illustrations.

    Information about the Society may be obtained from the Society's Administration at the following address:

    Hakluyt Society
    c/o Map Library
    The British Library
    96 Euston Road
    London NW1 2DG, UK
    Email: office@hakluyt.com
  • Reviews: ‘… an enduring glory of British academic life…’
    Times Literary Supplement
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