Book History and Print Culture

Ashgate’s commitment to the History of the Book harkens back to the 1980s, with the publication of numerous studies of medieval manuscripts and other ‘books about books’ under our Scolar Press and Variorum imprints. When Scolar Press merged with the general Ashgate imprint in the mid-1990s, Ashgate and Variorum continued to publish important book history titles such as M.B. Parkes’s Pause and Effect (originally a Scolar Press title) and Pages from the Past: Medieval Manuscript Skills and Writing Books, J.A. Szirmai’s The Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding, and Douglas Martin’s translation of Albert Kapr’s Johann Gutenberg: The Man and His Invention, among many others. More recent publications, for example, Michael Hunter’s Printed Images in Early Modern Britain, Patrick Collier’s Modernism on Fleet Street, and Marilyn Deegan and Kathryn Sutherland’s Transferred Illusions: Digital Technology and the Forms of Print, reflect the expansion of book history scholarship into all varieties of print culture, the history of the author, and new media, including the digital humanities.


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