About Lund Humphries

Lund Humphries has been a leading publisher of illustrated art books for 75 years, with a particular reputation in the field of Modern British Art. The imprint has been part of the Ashgate Publishing Group since 1999.

The origins of Lund Humphries lie with the Bradford printing company Percy Lund, Humphries & Co, formed in 1895. Although it was the publisher of The Penrose Annual, a review of the graphic arts, from 1909, the real beginning of the firm’s publishing activities dates from publication in 1939 of Frank Lloyd Wright’s An Organic Architecture. By the 1940s and 1950s Lund Humphries was publishing the first illustrated monographs on the leading artists of the time, such as Henry Moore, Ben Nicholson and Paul Nash. You can read Valerie Holman’s short history of Lund Humphries publishers here.

We have consciously drawn on our early association with British modernism in our development of the Lund Humphries publishing programme, which continues to emphasise the major figures and movements of 20th-century British art, as well as contemporary British and international art.

The Lund Humphries list today encompasses illustrated books for art specialists, professionals and enthusiasts across all periods and genres. We value high-quality design and reproduction, serious but accessible writing, and unique collections of reference material.

Our new stream of publishing on art business and markets is aimed at art-market professionals, students and art collectors and introduces readers at all levels to the fascinating workings of the art world.

As a pioneer of museum co-publications in the 1980s, Lund Humphries regularly publishes in association with some of the major museums and galleries worldwide. Visit our Partnerships page for more information.

For more information on how we work, or to download our proposal guidelines, visit our Authors’ page.