Lund Humphries Authors' Page

Welcome to our Authors’ Page, where we hope that new and prospective Lund Humphries authors will be able to find all the information needed to guide them through the publication process, from proposal to finished copy and beyond.


New proposals

We welcome new proposals from writers, artists, galleries and museums for books which fall within our core areas of specialism (see About Lund Humphries). New proposals should be sent or emailed to our Commissioning Editor, Lucy Clark, following the Lund Humphries Proposal Guidelines.

Some of the questions we ask when we receive a proposal for a new book are:

  • Does it make an original contribution to the field? The books we publish are generally on topics which have not been well covered by existing publications, or which offer a new or more comprehensive approach to a subject. We may send a proposal to an external referee for an assessment of its originality.
  • How will we sell the book? We need to be clear about the market for your book and how we will reach it. Lund Humphries books are aimed at specialists, professionals and academics within the Fine and Applied arts. We also have the ability to reach a more general audience through our distribution to bookshops internationally.
  • Can we publish the book economically? Art books are expensive to produce and an art book on a specialist subject may have a limited market. Every book proposal is costed in detail prior to contract. In some cases we are only able to proceed with a proposal if there is a subsidy to reduce costs, or a special bulk sale of copies to a gallery or other institution.

Please feel free to contact Lucy Clark if you have any questions about your proposal.


Preparation of text and illustrations

Once your book is under contract with Lund Humphries, you will need to refer to our Author Guidelines, Image Guidelines and Legal Guidelines in the preparation of your text and illustrations. Please contact our Head of Editorial and Production, Sarah Thorowgood, if you have any questions about the preparation of the material for your book.


The editorial and production process

Once your book is delivered to us and is ready to start its journey through the editorial and production process, it will be placed in the hands of our Editorial and Production team, who will manage its progress closely through to publication, keeping you informed at every stage. We encourage you to get involved at every stage so that this is a truly collaborative process.

For more detail on the various stages of the editorial and production process, see How we Work.


Marketing your book

As soon as your book has been handed over to production, we encourage you to start thinking about its marketing by completing our Marketing Questionnaire. The accompanying Guide to Lund Humphries International Sales and Marketing should answer all your questions about how our books are marketed worldwide.


Meet the Lund Humphries team

The Lund Humphries team is based in our London office in Clerkenwell, EC1 (see How to Find Us):

Lucy Myers - Managing Director

Lucy Clark - Commissioning Editor

Emma Lilley - Project Researcher and Developer (freelance)

Sarah Thorowgood - Head of Editorial and Production

Lucie Ewin - Project Manager

Alex Batten - Print Buyer (freelance)

Victoria Benjamin - Marketing and Publicity Manager

Tom Furness - Publishing Assistant