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Review copies of all our titles are supplied upon request, but these are limited. They are sent entirely at our discretion, to bona fide reviews editors/reviewers of recognised and relevant publications or media outlets. Please specify where the review will appear, as well as the name and email of the contact person (Editor or Reviews Editor). Please provide the title, author/editor and ISBN of the book(s) requested, together with your full postal address.

Please send us a copy of the published review in due course, preferably in electronic format.


To request a review copy (hardback or paperback):

Review contact for Humanities titles:

Contact Jackie Bressanelli, Marketing Assistant


Review contact for Social Science titles:

Contact Debbie Fattore, Marketing Assistant


Review contact for Gower titles:

Contact Sarah Findlay, Marketing Assistant


Review contact for North or South American based journals:

Contact Eleazer Durfee, US Reviews Coordinator


To request an ebook for review purposes (worldwide):

Please note that the request must come directly from the reviewer of the book, and not the Reviews Editor. An electronic voucher for exclusive access to the book will then be issued. If this voucher is forwarded to anyone else, it will no longer be valid.

You will receive a quick reply to requests made via our eReview portal. Please note that if the book you have requested is not yet published, your request cannot be authorised or logged by our system. Please therefore only make your request after the publication date which appears on the system.


For all inspection copy queries, please contact Nicky Staszkiewicz at, or if you are based in North or South America and have an inspection copy query, please contact Suzanne Sprague at