Ashgate will be represented at a number of international conferences throughout the year - either with a book display and an Ashgate representative, or through display of promotional materials. The following meetings are a selection of those where Ashgate will be represented:


February 2015

The Reflective Conservatoire Conference
26 February-1 March 2015, London, UK
Rachel Lynch

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March 2015

9th CHFG: Human Factors in Extremis: Capturing the lessons of the frontline
6 March 2015, Birmingham, UK
Luigi Fort and Guy Loft

Passion for Projects
9-10 March 2015, Gothenburg, Sweden
Jonathan Norman

UX Lib: User Experience in Libraries
17-19 March 2015, London, UK
Dymphna Evans

APM Project Management Conference
19 March 2015, London, UK
Jonathan Norman and Michelle Spencer

The Sixty-First Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America
26-28 March 2015, Berlin, Germany
Erika Gaffney and Beth Whalley

Byzantine Symposium
28-30 March 2015, Milton Keynes, UK
John Smedley

Political Studies Association 65th International Conference
30 March-1 April 2015, Sheffield, UK
Rob Sorsby

Socio-Legal Studies Association annual conference
31 March-2 April 2015, Warwick, UK
Alex Buckley and Sarah Stilwell

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April 2015

Association of Art Historians Annual Conference and Bookfair
9-11 April 2015, Norwich, UK
Margaret Michniewicz and Beth Whalley

Classical Association Annual Conference
10-13 April 2015, Bristol, UK
Michael Greenwood

British Association for Islamic Studies
13-15 April 2015, London, UK
David Shervington

Society for the Study of Theology Annual Conference: 'Thinking the Church Today'
13-15 April 2015, Nottingham, UK
Sarah Lloyd

Ergonomics & Human Factors
13-16 April 2015, Daventry, Northamptonshire, UK
Luigi Fort and Guy Loft

2nd International Conference on Music and Consciousness
14-17 April 2015, Oxford, UK
Laura Macy

British Sociological Association Annual Conference: Societies in Transition: Progression or Regression?
15-17 April 2015, Glasgow, UK
Claire Jarvis and Neil Jordan

Society of Architectural Historians
15-19 April 2015, Chicago, IL
Val Rose

Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Association
16-19 April 2015, Atlanta, GA
Ann Donahue

Museum Ethnographers Group annual conference
20-21 April 2015, Kent, UK
Dymphna Evans and Helen Moore

Association of American Geographers
21-25 April 2015, Chicago, IL
Katy Crossan

European Social Work Research Association: Re-visioning social work with individuals, collectives and communities: social work research
22-24 April 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Claire Jarvis

HFES Health Care Symposium
26-29 April 2015, Baltimore, MD
Leigh Norwich

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May 2015

International Symposium on Aviation Psychology
4-7 May 2015, Dayton, Ohio
Eleazer Durfee

International Congress on Medieval Studies
14-17 May 2015, Kalamazoo, Michigan
John Smedley and Ann Donahue

Law and Society
28-31 May 2015, Seattle, Washington
Alison Kirk

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June 2015

Educational Innovation in Economics and Business
3-5 June 2015, Brighton, UK
Kristina Abbotts and Donna Shanks

British International Studies Association 40th Anniversary Conference
16-19 June 2015, London, UK
Kirstin Howgate

European Academy of Management 15th Annual Conference
17-20 June, Warsaw, Poland
Kristina Abbotts and Sue White

Teresa of Avila 1515-2015 Mystical Theology and Spirituality
18-20 June, Twickenham, UK
Sarah Lloyd

6th Resilience Engineering Association Symposium: Managing resilience, learning to be adaptable and proactive in an unpredictable world
22-25 June, Lisbon, Portugal
Guy Loft

Information: Interactions and Impact (i3)
23-26 June, Aberdeen, UK
Kristina Abbotts

Making Cities Livable: Achieving Green, Healthy Cities
29 June -3 July, Bristol, UK
Val Rose

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July 2015

The British Society for the History of Science Annual Conference
2-5 July, Swansea, UK
Beth Whalley

International Conference of Historical Geographers
5-10 July, London, UK
Katy Crossan

7th International Summer School on Aviation Psychology
6 -10 July, Graz, Austria
Luigi Fort

International Medieval Congress
6-9 July, Leeds, UK
Tom Gray, John Smedley, Beth Whalley, Hattie Wilson and Emily Yates

Medieval and renaissance Music Conference
6-9 July, Brussels, France
Heidi Bishop, Emma Gallon and Laura Macy

Academy of Marketing
7-9 July, Limerick, Ireland
Kristina Abbotts and Michelle Spencer

EVA London
7-9 July, London, UK
Dymphna Evans and Helen Moore

Sociology of Religion: Foundations and Futures
7-9 July, Hertfordshire, UK
Sarah Lloyd and David Shervington

10th biennial international conference on Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain
8-10 July, Glasgow, UK
Laura Macy

22nd International Conference of Europeanists: Contradictions: Envisioning European Futures
8-10 July, Paris, France
Rob Sorsby

Trans-Atlantic Dialogues on Cultural Heritage: Heritage, Tourism and Traditions
13-16 July, Liverpool, UK
Dymphna Evans, Helen Moore and Val Rose

BIAPT : Faith in the Public Space: practical theology and the common good
14-16 July, Cardiff, UK
Sarah Lloyd

Joint Social Work Education Conference
15-17 July, Milton Keynes, UK
Michael Drapper

UK Association for Buddhist Studies
15-16 July, Lancaster, UK
David Shervington

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August 2015

Christian Congregational Music Conference
4-7 August 2015, Oxford, UK
Sarah Lloyd

XVII International Conference on Patristic Studies
10-14 August 2015, Oxford, UK
Sarah Lloyd, David Shervington and John Smedley

Ninth Triennial Conference of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music
17-22 August 2015, Manchester, UK
Heidi Bishop

12th Conference of the European Sociological Association: Differences, inequalities and sociological imagination
25-28 August 2015, Prague, Czech Republic
Claire Jarvis and Neil Jordan

5th International Conference on Sociology and Social Work: New Directions in Critical Sociology and Social Work: Identity, Narratives and Praxis
26-27 August 2015, Chester, UK
Michael Drapper

BAVS The British Association for Victorian Studies Conference: Victorian Age(s)
27-29 August 2015, Leeds, UK
Hattie Wilson

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September 2015

European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting
2-5 September 2015, Glasgow, UK
Michael Greenwood

European Society for Criminology 15th Annual Conference
2-5 September 2015, Porto, Portugal
Alison Kirk

Royal Geographical Society with IBG: Annual International Conference
2-4 September 2015, Exeter, UK
Katy Crossan and Fiona Dunford

University Association for Contemporary European Studies: UACES 45th Annual Conference
7-9 September 2015, Bilbao, Spain
Michael Drapper

British Academy of Management: The Value of Pluralism in Advancing Management Research, Education and Practice
8-10 September 2015, Portsmouth, UK
Kristina Abbotts and Donna Shanks

Royal Musical Association Annual Conference
9-11 September 2015, Birmingham, UK
Heidi Bishop, Emma Gallon and Laura Macy

European Society for International Law
10-12 September 2015, Oslo, Norway
Alison Kirk

The BSPR's Eleventh Conference: Divine Hiddenness
10-13 September 2015, Oxford, UK
Sarah Lloyd, David Shervington and Hattie Wilson

9th Pan-European Conference on International Relations
23-26 September 2015, Sicily, Italy
Kirstin Howgate

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November 2015

Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare Annual Conference
3-5 November 2015, Brighton, UK
Luigi Fort and Guy Loft

Museums Association
5-6 November 2015, Birmingham, UK
Dymphna Evans and Helen Moore