Ashgate will be represented at a number of international conferences throughout the year - either with a book display and an Ashgate representative, or through display of promotional materials. The following meetings are a selection of those where Ashgate will be represented:

October 2014

IVR: International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy Annual Conference
25-26 October 2014, London, UK
Alison Kirk

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
27-31 October 2014, Chicago, IL
Guy Loft and Leigh Norwich

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November 2014

American Musicological Society
6-9 November 2014, Milwaukee, WI
Heidi Bishop, Laura Macy and Eleazer Durfee

Association for Simulated practice in Healthcare Annual Conference
11-13 November 2014, Nottingham, UK
Guy Loft and Luigi Fort

PMI Synergy 2014
13 November 2014, Central Hall, Westminster, London, UK
Jonathan Norman, Michelle Spencer and Melisa Young

Society for Ethnomusicology
13-16 November 2014, Pittsburgh, PA
Emma Gallon

Project Controls Expo 2014
18 November 2014, Arsenal Stadium/Football Club, London, UK
Jonathan Norman and Michelle Spencer

Sustainability Leaders Forum 2014
19 November 2014, Hotel Russell, London, UK
Kristina Abbotts and Michelle Spencer

American Society of Criminology
19-22 November 2014, San Francisco
Alison Kirk

American Academy of Religion
22-25 November 2014, San Diego
Sarah Lloyd and Luana Life

Middle East Studies Association
22-25 November 2014, Washington DC
Eleazer Durfee

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December 2014

Clinical Human Factors Group Winter Conference
2 December 2014, London, UK
Luigi Fort

Inform Autumn Seminar: Minority Religions and Schooling
6 December 2014, London, UK
David Shervington