Electronic Data Supply

Ashgate Publishing can now offer information electronically on our titles direct to our customers. Information can be supplied in a variety of formats such as Excel and .csv, via e-mail, CD-Rom or via FTP. Data can be sent monthly or quarterly. We can send details of all of our titles, titles 6 months in advance, titles as and when delivered or even titles within a given subject only. We can also supply .jpg scans of our jackets for most of our new titles.

As well as providing regular title information the Electronic Data Supply service can provide you with our New Book Information Sheets in Word format, PDF’s of our catalogues and subscription to our e-mail newsletters – which provide regular information on new and forthcoming titles. This particular service can be limited to the subject of your choice.

If you would like to start receiving electronic information on our titles, please contact:

Lindsey O'Brien, Sales Administrator