Ancient and Classical History

Galen and Galenism

Theory and Medical Practice from Antiquity to the European Renaissance

Luis García-Ballester, formerly University of Cantabria, Spain. Edited by Jon Arrizabalaga, Montserrat Cabré, Lluís Cifuentes, Fernando Salmón
Published : December 2002
Binding : Hardback
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Galen, De diebus decretoriis, from Greek into Arabic

Galen, De diebus decretoriis, from Greek into Arabic

A Critical Edition, with Translation and Commentary, of Hunayn ibn Ishaq, Kitab ayyam al-buhran

Glen M. Cooper, Brigham Young University, USA
Published : August 2011
Binding : Hardback
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Germain Boffrand

Book of Architecture Containing the General Principles of the Art and the Plans, Elevations and Sections of some of the Edifices Built in France and in Foreign Countries

Edited by Caroline van Eck, University of Ghent, Belgium
Published : March 2003
Binding : Hardback
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Greek Gold

Greek Gold

From the Treasure Rooms of the Hermitage

Yuri Kalashnik
Published : May 2005
Binding : Hardback
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Greek Literature in Late Antiquity

Dynamism, Didacticism, Classicism

Edited by Scott Fitzgerald Johnson, Harvard University
Published : August 2006
Binding : Hardback
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Greek Philosophers as Theologians

Greek Philosophers as Theologians

The Divine Arche

Adam Drozdek, Duquesne University, USA
Published : November 2007
Binding : Hardback
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