What Our Authors Say about Us!

Just in case you were wondering which publisher to trust with your book, here are some comments from recent Ashgate authors about their experience of publishing with us:

Yesterday I received in the post ten copies of my book, I Drum, Therefore I Am. I was massively impressed - although I am hardly an objective commentator, I can safely say that it is the best-looking Ashgate book I have ever seen. It looks and feels fantastic. It shows my work in a far grander and 'classier' light than I had expected. I suppose my work has come to seem incredibly ordinary to me, so to see and touch (and smell) it in hardback print form like this brings my writing alive in a whole new way. 
Thank you both, and the team at Ashgate, very much indeed for all of your considerable help in bringing the book to realization. 

Gareth Dylan Smith
Author of I Drum, Therefore I Am


My book arrived today and I wanted to say how delighted I am with the finished production. As in the past, Ashgate has done me proud and I could not be happier.

Judith Johnston
Author of Victorian Women and the Economies of Travel, Translation and Culture, 1830–1870

I realised that had neglected to write to you, thanking you for commissioning my book, Translation, Authorship and the Victorian Professional Woman. The process was wonderful – so straightforward, and everyone was so helpful every step of the way. I’m very grateful for the support I received, and also for the marketing people, who have got the book out to so many conferences, etc. I confess to some “library stalking”, and it’s amazing to see my book in the catalogues of some of the best university libraries in the world!

Lesa Scholl
Author of Translation, Authorship and the Victorian Professional Woman

I am intolerably late in letting you know that I received the author copies of my book. The book looks wonderful, and again, I wish to thank everyone at Ashgate for their time, attention, and care throughout the editorial and production process.  I have long admired your books, own a fair number of them, and I am extraordinarily proud to have mine join their ranks.

Katherine Haskins
Author of The Art-Journal and Fine Art Publishing in Victorian England, 1850-1880

The books arrived this afternoon. What an elegant and authoritative production. I’m proud to be associated with it; to give copies to libraries that helped me and to have readers, collegial and beyond, see and use it.

From my first exploratory inquiry, Ashgate Publishing has been extraordinarily accessible, candid, professional, and flexible. My congratulations and thanks to all involved.

Suzanne Glover Lindsay
Author of Funerary Arts and Tomb Cult - Living with the Dead in France, 1750–1870


It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to work with Ashgate on several book projects. The editorial team has always been prompt in responding to requests and has shown dedication and personalised attention to each individual project that have removed any anxiety from the publishing experience. This support, encouragement, and professionalism - which I believe to be unrivalled by other publishers in the field - has been central to my decision to continue to work with Ashgate . I strongly encourage other authors in the field of international politics to make Ashgate the home of their research endeavours.

Emilian Kavalski
Editor of The Ashgate Research Companion to Chinese Foreign Policy

Working with Ashgate’s team of dedicated professionals was simply sheer pleasure. I was very much impressed by the extremely swift conversion of the manuscript into a great book. More than simply an editor, Ashgate was a dedicated companion in this journey.

Rik Coolsaet
Editor of Jihadi Terrorism and the Radicalisation Challenge

My contributors and I were privileged to work with the editorial and production staff at Ashgate, who provided expert and timely support and encouragement throughout the project.

Stephen J. Cimbala
Editor of Civil-Military Relations in Perspective

This is just a short word to thank you for your collaboration on our book on the South Caucasus.  I have just received the copies of it and it looks great in print. It was a great pleasure to work with you on this project.

Annie Jafalian
Editor of Reassessing Security in the South Caucasus: Regional Conflicts and Transformation

We've received our own copies and we're very happy with it! I wanted to thank you for all of your help and support with it - it was a pleasure working with you.

Caitríona Ní Laoire
Co-editor of Childhood and Migration in Europe

We are both really happy with the book and would like to thank you for such a pleasant and efficient publication process. It would be a delight to work with you again.

Lisa Downing and Robert Gillett
ditors of Queer in Europe

I just wanted to say, in between leaps of joy and yahooing, that I received the books this evening. They look fantastic! I am so thrilled. Just beautiful. Thank you so much.

Lori A. Brown
Editor of Feminist Practices

We have been very pleased with the highly efficient and professional editorial team at Ashgate Publishing. 

Ian Ramsay
Author of Law, Corporate Governance and Partnerships at Work

Just to thank you for my copy of Sculpture and Archaeology has arrived safely... and a most impressive tome it is too. I am especially pleased with how well my illustrations have been reproduced. The usual classy Ashgate production values!

Jonathan Black
Contributor to Sculpture and Archaeology

It’s been a pleasure and a relative whiz to work with Ashgate: Quick, efficient, excellent advice and editing (especially Tom Gray and Barbara Pretty). For what more could one ask?

I’m terribly glad a good friend of mine suggested Ashgate. The fit was perfect, and one can’t ask for more.

Paul R. Sellin
Author of Treasure, Treason and the Tower


Ashgate have been superb to work with. I'd not hesitate to recommend Ashgate to colleagues and I hope to have the opportunity of working with you again in the future.

Claire Drewery
Author of Modernist Short Fiction by Women

The depth of concern and attention to detail that Ashgate have shown for my manuscript has made the journey from an electronic image on a screen to an actual book one of the best publishing experiences I've enjoyed to date. Ashgate have shown much sensitivity to a complicated subject and I thank them for their consideration and patience. My editors have made this a great experience and a rewarding and deeply satisfying creative undertaking. I must express my gratitude for the hard work put in by all concerned.

Geoffrey H. Baker
Author of The Architecture of James Stirling and His Partners James Gowan and Michael Wilford

A couple of days ago I received pre-publication copies of my book from the printer.
I am writing to say how thrilled I am with the result and to thank you for all your initial preparatory work on my book's behalf. Your patient and clear guidance through the permission-seeking process I also greatly appreciated.
The end result is a a volume of handsomely attractive appearance and high quality. I am proud to be published by Ashgate.

John Arthur Smith
Author of Music in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity

Just a quick note to acknowledge receipt of my editor's copies of The Life, Music and Thought of Woody Guthrie yesterday, a week ahead of schedule, and to thank you and your colleagues for your assistance in producing the volume. Your efforts have by far been the most efficient and helpful of the many publishers I have dealt with, and your prompt, courteous replies have always been appreciated. The book is a great product, well designed and put together. All in all an excellent outcome. So thanks very much - and I hope to work with Ashgate again in the years to come.

John S. Partington
Editor of The Life, Music and Thought of Woody Guthrie

I'm so very happy, appreciative and proud to have worked with you all and published with Ashgate.

Pamela Odih
Author of Advertising and Cultural Politics in Global Times

I'm really looking forward to seeing the book!

I just want also to say thank you for all your help with the book - you've been really brilliant from the very start and (compared to what I hear from various colleagues working with other presses) you deserve an editor's award! I hope all goes well with Ashgate and will certainly recommend you to others.

Mike Rodman Jones
Author of Radical Pastoral, 1381–1594

Thank you also for your crucial help in making the book happen - I'm very glad we found our home for it at Ashgate and it was a pleasure to work with you. I've now received my printed copies and I'm most impressed with the quality of book production. I often do judge books by their cover! Or at least I judge that they are worthy (or not) of further exploration. I'm sure that the cover of this book will draw people in, and I hope and trust they will also find good things within...

Richard Scholar
Editor of Fiction and the Frontiers of Knowledge in Europe, 1500–1800

The book looks amazing! It has been an absolute joy to work with Ashgate and its professional staff. Please accept my sincere gratitude to all of you for your hard work.

Nasser Al-Taee
Author of Representations of the Orient in Western Music

I've been extremely pleased with people's reactions to my book - I'm hearing lots of extremely positive responses from various colleagues regarding both the actual argument and regarding the physical form of the book itself!  I've heard from colleagues in Germany that the book is being read there with interest.  I'm realy impressed with Ashgate's marketing!

Anthony Colantuono
Author of Titian, Colonna and the Renaissance Science of Procreation

Working with Ashgate has been a pleasure. The publication process was smoothly defined from start to finish and I was fortunate to work with excellent editors. I'm very pleased with the final result and highly recommend Ashgate to others.

Sara Atwood
Author of Ruskin's Educational Ideals

Victorians in the Mountains: Sinking the Sublime is absolutely beautifully produced. I received my complimentary copies yesterday. I am thrilled with it. 

Ann Colley
Author of Victorians in the Mountains

Just to say that my copies of the book have just arrived and I’m most impressed. The final result looks good – hopefully any reviewers will think the same about the content!

I just wanted to thank you all very much indeed for the efficient and speedy way in which you helped to bring the book into reality. I’ve really been impressed by Ashgate and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the company to others.

John R. Walker
Author of British Nuclear Weapons and the Test Ban 1954–1973

Allow me to take this opportunity to say how wonderful it has been to work with you on this project. All future book ventures will have a hard time measuring up to my experience with you and Ashgate. Your encouraging attitude and stellar communication skills have made my first book--despite the usual anxiety and trepidation caused by reader reports, revisions, deadlines, and proofreading--an absolutely fabulous experience.

On behalf of Profs. Claval , Agnew and myself, I wish to thank you wholeheartedly for all your skilful efforts and excellent cooperation you offered in the process of making the book ready for printing. It goes without saying that, on our side, all this would have hardly been possible without Prof. Isabel Canhoto's complete dedication, so we are grateful to her as well. Hoping that there will be new opportunities for our cooperation and wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy 2011,

Zoran Roca
Editor of Landscapes, Identities and Development

I just got my copies and I'm thrilled! They are really lovely, and it's amazing to actually be able to hold the book in my hand. Thanks so much for all your help. I've been very impressed with everyone I've worked with at Ashgate. Your clear communication and the amazing ability to meet or beat every deadline have been truly impressive. I've been raving to my colleagues about what a good experience this has been.

I have found you such a delight to work with, and I've been extremely impressed with Ashgate as a whole. I've never seen another press that met its deadlines with such alacrity! Thanks again for all your help and expertise and good luck with your future projects.

Grace E. Coolidge
Author of Guardianship, Gender, and the Nobility in Early Modern Spain

I would like to add that I am staggered by the care and attention that has been given to my manuscript at every stage.

Dermot Gault
Author of The New Bruckner

I could never have imagined that publishing a book could be such a pleasant and straightforward experience. It is very rewarding to see people as enthusiastic, dedicated and professional handling such an important piece of work for me, in which I have probably invested the best part of my youth!
It even makes me think that I want to publish another book just for the pleasure of it. I have a big project coming up and I will definitely want to ask Ashgate whether it can have a look at it when it is done.
Many thanks for your fantastic support.
Damian Popolo, Lancaster University, UK

How wonderful it looks! I gave it a first quick read, and found it just wonderful. Thank you, thank you!

Mike W. Martin, Chapman University, USA
Author of Albert Schweitzer's Reverence for Life

And at this point of the process I would like to say: It was a pleasure to work with you. You were so helpful, cooperative, obliging, precise and punctual that I really enjoyed our cooperation. Thank you very, very much for this.

Christoph Lumer, University of Siena, Italy
Editor of Intentionality, Deliberation and Autonomy

I have just received my author’s complimentary copies of Black Theology, Slavery and Contemporary Christianity. I am absolutely speechless. It is simply a most handsome and stunning looking book. I absolutely moved by the sheer quality of it.

Many, many thanks to you and your colleagues at Ashgate for assisting me and my co-writers in producing this.

Anthony G. Reddie, Queen's Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, UK
Editor of Black Theology, Slavery and Contemporary Christianity

Many thanks. Compared to other publishers I have worked with, this has been both a pleasure and surprisingly swift and efficient.

Gabriel Bodard, King’s College, London, UK
Editor of Digital Research in the Study of Classical Antiquity

Let me express my sincere gratitude for everything that you did to put my book together.
It has been a real pleasure to deal with Ashgate. Many thanks for everything.

Bora Kanra, Australian National University, Australia
Author of Islam, Democracy and Dialogue in Turkey

I am very happy that the printing process is going smoothly and I am grateful for your help. What I really want to thank you about is that you have been so professional about this, while maintaining a human, personal element in our correspondence. That's something that helped me a lot and alleviated a lot of the stress I am under because of the book. So, in closing, many many thanks again, and all the best!

Andreas Dimopoulos, University of Liverpool, UK
Author of Issues in Human Rights Protection of Intellectually Disabled Persons

The contrast with other publishers I have had dealings with is truly remarkable.  I really have enjoyed working with you and have been most impressed with your speed and efficiency... and also the way you have understood and responded to the various problems I have had.

Peter Jimack, University of Stirling, UK, and University of Glasgow, UK
Author of A History of the Two Indies

I had great pleasure working with you and hope that I will have another opportunity to work with Ashgate on another project in the near future.

Adam Possamai, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Author of In Search of New Age Spiritualities

It has been an absolute joy working with Ashgate.  I would recommend them to everyone.

Mark Sherry, University of Toledo, Ohio, USA
Author of Disability Hate Crimes

Working with Ashgate has indeed been a pleasure, and I hope there will soon be an opportunity to get in touch with you again.

Devorah Kalekin-Fishman, University of Haifa, Israel
Author of Everyday Life in Asia

I just wanted to say thanks for supporting Geographies of Rhythm so enthusiastically. I think it looks terrific. I have never been involved in a book where everything went so seamlessly! Dead chuffed.

Dr Tim Edensor, Manchester Metropolitan University
Author of Geographies of Rhythm



I’d also like to say that, and I’m sure that Tom feels the same way, it has been a very good experience to work with Ashgate. I would certainly place Ashgate at the top of my list if I were to entertain the idea of developing another book proposal, and I will also highly recommend Ashgate to my colleagues as a publishing outlet for their research.

Ola Johansson, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, USA
Author of Sound, Society and the Geography of Popular Music


Since it is a music book, I will quote that sage Smokey Robinson and "second that [Ola’s] emotion". It was great working with Ashgate (hey, that rhymes!)

Thomas L. Bell, University of Tennessee
Author of Sound, Society and the Geography of Popular Music

I’ve been really pleased and impressed with the way Ashgate has dealt with my ms - thank you to you and your colleagues.

Gillian Rose, The Open University
Author of Doing Family Photograhy

It was really a pleasure working with you (and with all your colleagues). So, you can be certain that if I will have a new proposal that might be interesting at an international level I will contact you in first place.

Sofia Aboim, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Author of Plural Masculinities


I would like to thank all the people I have dealt with at Ashgate for the efficient and helpful way the whole process of the acceptance and publication of my book, Imagining Soldiers and Fathers in the Mid-Victorian Era: Charlotte Yonge’s Models of Manliness was handled. Everyone kept scrupulously to any timetable given me, answered my queries quickly and patiently, and made the whole project as stress-free as possible. I am enormously grateful to you all and impressed with your professionalism. I am thrilled with the book’s appearance.

Susan Walton, Hull University
Author of Imagining Soldiers and Fathers in the Mid-Victorian Era: Charlotte Yonge’s Models of Manliness


Our entire relationship with Ashgate was a sheer pleasure from the word go. We felt that our publisher really understood what we were trying to do, and was prepared to give us the leeway necessary to achieve the highest standards of scholarship and presentation.

Professor Roger D. Sell, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Co-Editor (with Anthony W. Johnson) of Writing and Religion in England, 1558-1689: Studies in Community-Making and Cultural Memory

Thank you so much again for all your great work on Exemplary Spenser. I’m really pleased with it, and have been receiving positive comments on it. Everyone is agreed that you and Ashgate have done a superb job of producing such a handsome book.

Dr Jane Grogan, University College Dublin, Ireland
Author of Exemplary Spenser: Visual and Poetic Pedagogy in The Faerie Queene


This is my first publishing experience and Ashgate have been an absolute dream to work with - I hope to work with you again in the future.

Lucy Le-Guilcher, University of Cambridge, UK
Co-editor (with Phyllis B. Lassner) of Rumer Godden: International and Intermodern Storyteller

Now that I have received the first copies of the book, I just want say that I am deeply grateful to all of you for your help and work throughout the publication process. It was a wonderful and educational experience for me.

Dr. Dongshin Yi, Texas A&M University
Author of A Genealogy of Cyborgothic: Aesthetics and Ethics in the Age of Posthumanism

The quality of the finished product, especially the dust cover, is excellent. The publishing house was well organised and made the whole process so much easier.

The post-publication organisation of marketing and reviews leaves little to be desired.

Coleman A. Dennehy, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Editor of Restoration Ireland: Always Settling and Never Settled

I would also like to thank you and everyone at Ashgate. I must say that in all my years of publishing, this has been the most pleasant experience yet. I mean that sincerely.

Bonnie Berry, Social Problems Research Group, USA
Author of The Power of Looks: Social Stratification of Physical Appearance

I’m so pleased and proud that the book has been produced by Ashgate and that all has worked out wonderfully. Everyone with whom I’ve had contact has been nothing but a joy to have worked with. I thank you most sincerely for your patience, commitment and ultimately, your belief in the value of this project. I sincerely hope that it is a great success for Ashgate and that it proves to draw significant scholarly attention to a myriad of important poets and topics for whom it’s intended to open a door.

Professor Lauri Ramey, California State University, USA
Editor of The Heritage Series of Black Poetry, 1962–1975: A Research Compendium

Working with the staff at Ashgate has been a wonderful experience.

Professor Kimberly Rhodes, Hollins University, USA
Author of Ophelia and Victorian Visual Culture

Just to say my book Women and the Shaping of the Nation’s Young has arrived and I am absolutely delighted with it. Really beautifully produced - now to see what critics have to say about the content! Many thanks to Ashgate for seeing this through.

Mary Hilton, University of Cambridge, UK
Author of Women and the Shaping of the Nation’s Young

It has been great working with you; we should and will be in touch again for other projects, I’m sure, Ashgate is building up an excellent reputation. Ashgate deserves all due praise.

Mathieu Deflem, Associate Professor, University of South Carolina, USA
Editor of Sociologists in a Global Age

I really want to thank you because, amazingly in this electronic world, you managed to convey the sense that this book mattered to you, and that your authors matter to you and that we were workers in a common cause. It has been a complete and unqualified pleasure to work with Ashgate.

Dr John J. McGavin, University of Southampton
Author of Theatricality and Narrative in Medieval and Early Modern Scotland

I just wanted to let you know that the books arrived safely, I really like the cover - with many thanks to the whole team.

Dr Louise Child, Religious and Theological Studies, Cardiff University, UK
Author of Tantric Buddhism and Altered States of Consciousness

The book has arrived, it looks splendid, and I’m really happy with it and just wanted to say thank you for the rock-steady support throughout. It’s been a pleasure working with Ashgate’s very smooth and professional team.

Matthew Steggle, Reader in English, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Author of Laughing and Weeping in Early Modern Theatres

I should like to congratulate you and your colleagues at Ashgate on once more publishing on schedule an excellently produced volume of the journal.

H.J. Cohn, University of Warwick, UK
Editor of Parliaments, Estates & Representation/Parlements, États & Représentation Volume 27

I received my book a couple of weeks ago and I find it really beautifully done. I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and kindness throughout this project. I hope the book sells well and look forward to reading the reviews.

Dr Laurence Talairach-Vielmas
Author of Moulding the Female Body in Victorian Fairy Tales and Sensation Novels

I would like to thank Ashgate for the fine editorial work bestowed on this volume and for its attractive production. It looks splendid. Thank you for your agreeable and efficient co-operation.

Professor Henk Jan de Jonge
Co-Editor of The Book of Ezekiel and its Influence

May I say that it has been a pleasure to work with you and your colleagues from start to finish. The courtesy, consideration and practical helpfulness from you and others at Ashgate has made my initiation into the unknown and mysterious art of writing a book the pleasure I never imagined it would be.

Lyndon Jenkins, Special Projects Manager, Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK
Author of While Spring and Summer Sang: Thomas Beecham and the Music of Frederick Delius

I can honestly say that Ashgate is – by far – the most efficient and helpful publisher with which I have ever worked!

Professor Michael G. Brennan, University of Leeds, UK
Author of The Sidneys of Penshurst and the Monarchy, 1500–1700

My book has arrived and looks wonderful. I am very grateful to Ashgate to being such a supportive group of people to work with (and efficient).

Dr Charlotte Clutterbuck, Abbotsleigh School, New South Wales, Australia
Author of Encounters with God in Medieval and Early Modern English Poetry

I am indeed pleased with the book – not only with the way it looks, but everything about Ashgate’s collaboration with me. Starting with your really generous and gentle editing process. I am so happy to have the book out and about!

Professor Gretchen Elizabeth Smith, Southern Methodist University, USA
Author of The Performance of Male Nobility in Molière’s Comédies-Ballets: Staging the Courtier

I take this opportunity to thank you for all the help and assistance I received from Ashgate and to tell you that I very much enjoyed working with you.

Dr Ricardo Salles, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Author of The Stoics on Determinism and Compatibilism

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your efficiency and support throughout the process of getting my book onto the shelf: it looks fantastic, and I’ve really enjoyed working on it with you.

Dr Stephanie Pitts, University of Sheffield, UK
Author of Valuing Musical Participation

Throughout my relationship with Ashgate, both as an author and external reviewer, I have consistently been impressed by the quality and range of works the company publishes in the fields of social science generally and politics and international relations specifically. The online catalogue is quite user friendly and the synopses of the works therein are packed with useful information.

Professor Robert Pauly, Assistant University of Southern Mississippi, USA
Author of Strategic Preemption: US Foreign Policy and the Second Iraq War

It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff. Everyone has been most enthusiastic and helpful.

Dr Patricia O’Grady, Flinders University of South Australia
Author of Meet the Philosophers of Ancient Greece: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ancient Greek Philosophy but didn’t Know Who to Ask

I just received copies of my book and wanted to thank you for all your help. I think the book looks great, and I’m especially pleased with the cover and the quality of the images inside.

Professor Lianne McTavish, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Author of Childbirth and the Display of Authority in Early Modern France

As an author, I have consistently found Ashgate a pleasure to work with at all levels from manuscript proposal to publication. First, I cannot recall any instances in which I did not receive prompt and courteous service or answers to questions or concerns (usually within 24 hours). This is in marked contrast to other publishers I have interacted with in which there have been considerable delays in acknowledging proposals or the receipt of materials (or even answering simple questions).

Professor Tom Lansford, University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coast, USA
Author of Strategic Preemption: US Foreign Policy and the Second Iraq War

I must say that it has been a pleasure to work with the team from Ashgate. Everyone has been so enthusiastic and keen to help get the book right. ‘Help’ is the key word here. I’ve felt that the Ashgate team has been there for myself and the other authors. They’ve been genuinely interested in our work and how to get the best product. They really put the author first. Lots of communication, so we know exactly where it’s at. And everyone’s been so friendly, helpful and efficient. I sincerely hope that the new Ashgate rapidly achieves the recognition that its product and the editorial teams deserve.

Professor Jean Hiller, University of Newcastle, UK
Author of Habitus: A Sense of Place


Let me just tell you how happy I was with the final product of my book, Catullan Consciousness and the Early Modern Lyric. It was a fine experience working with you and the rest at Ashgate.

Professor Jacob Blevins, McNeese State University, USA
Author of Catullan Consciousness and the Early Modern Lyric in England: From Wyatt to Donne