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Specialist publishers of research and scholarship

Over the past 45 years, Ashgate has grown to become one of the world’s leading publishing houses. We understand the value of academic research and scholarship, and we are proud of our responsiveness, flexibility, independence and global reach. Our business is driven by a programme of cutting-edge research publications and specialist reference books. All books published within the Ashgate list are subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field and we strive to work with our authors to make the experience of writing or editing a book as satisfying as possible. We publish over 800 titles a year in Humanities and Social Science subject areas, we have well-established reprint Reference series, and we are the publishers of the highly regarded Variorum series. Over 75% of our titles are published simultaneously in print and ebook editions.

Ashgate is a family-owned firm committed to social responsibility at local, national and international levels, particularly through the activities of our associated charity The Estelle Trust.


Global reach

We specialise in marketing books directly to our customers, via catalogues, direct mail, email promotions and targeted sales approaches, which are tailored to meet the different needs of our customers in different parts of the world. With offices in the UK and North America, we are able to market and distribute our books worldwide.


Working with our Authors

Every book on our list receives the individual attention of Commissioning, Editorial, Production and Marketing staff, and we aim to provide a high standard of service for all our authors. At Ashgate we strive to achieve the highest possible editorial and production standards. Whilst other publishers may outsource large areas of the editorial process, at Ashgate we demonstrate our commitment to quality and author care by maintaining an in-house team of dedicated and experienced editors who provide an accessible, friendly and supportive environment. For our authors this means a genuine partnership in bringing their work to life, and for our customers this means trusted, distinctive and authoritative publications.


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