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Recently Published Titles

The Milne Papers

Volume II: The Royal Navy and the Outbreak of the American Civil War, 1860-1862

Edited by John Beeler
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £100.00 » Website price: £90.00

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Science Policies and Twentieth-Century Dictatorships

Spain, Italy and Argentina

Edited by Amparo Gómez, Antonio Fco. Canales and Brian Balmer
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £70.00 » Website price: £63.00

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Francis I and Sixteenth-Century France

Robert J. Knecht
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £90.00 » Website price: £81.00

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Hospitaller Piety and Crusader Propaganda

Guillaume Caoursin's Description of the Ottoman Siege of Rhodes, 1480

Theresa M. Vann and Donald J. Kagay
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £80.00 » Website price: £72.00

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The Rise of the Modernist Bookshop

Books and the Commerce of Culture in the Twentieth Century

Edited by Huw Osborne
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £60.00 » Website price: £54.00

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Cracks in the Dome: Fractured Histories of Empire in the Zanzibar Museum, 1897-1964

Sarah Longair
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £75.00 » Website price: £67.50

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Godfrey of Viterbo and his Readers

Imperial Tradition and Universal History in Late Medieval Europe

Edited by Thomas Foerster
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £70.00 » Website price: £63.00

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