Ashgate Author Guide

The Author Guide gives you all of the information you need to prepare your text for Ashgate. It includes guidelines on how to present your typescript, information on our House style, technical tips on preparing figures, tables, music examples, etc., and more information on publishing with Ashgate. The Gower Author Guide is available here.

Please note, these guidelines are for use by an author whose book is formally under contract with Ashgate - if your book is not under contract with Ashgate, please see the Proposal Submission Guidelines, and/or contact the Ashgate Commissioning Editor in the discipline most closely relating to your topic.

All of the information in the Author Guide can be downloaded. The forms, which you, your co-authors or contributors can print out, complete and post to your commissioning editor are PDF files. To view PDFs you will need Adobe Reader.


Individual PDFs from our Author Guide



How to claim Ashgate, Gower and Lund Humphries Author Discount