Ashgate will be represented at a number of international conferences throughout the year - either with a book display and an Ashgate representative, or through display of promotional materials. The following meetings are a selection of those where Ashgate will be represented:


September 2014

European Association for Aviation Psychology
22-26 September 2014, Malta
Luigi Fort

IPMA 2014 28th World Congress
29 September – 1 October 2014, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Jonathan Norman

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October 2014

Nordic Patient Safety
2-3 October 2014, Stavanger, Denmark
Guy Loft

Museums Association
9-10 October 2014, Cardiff, UK
Dymphna Evans

Sixteenth Century Society and Conference
16-19 October 2014, New Orleans
Thomas Gray and Dave Cota

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
27-31 October 2014, Chicago, IL
Guy Loft and Leigh Norwich

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November 2014

American Musicological Society
6-9 November 2014, Milwaukee, WI
Heidi Bishop, Laura Macy and Eleazer Durfee

Association for Simulated practice in Healthcare Annual Conference
11-13 November 2014, Nottingham, UK
Guy Loft and Luigi Fort

Architecture and the Humanities Research Association
13-15 November 2014, Newcastle, UK
Val Rose

Society for Ethnomusicology
13-16 November 2014, Pittsburgh, PA
Emma Gallon

American Society of Criminology
19-22 November 2014, San Francisco
Alison Kirk

American Academy of Religion
22-25 November 2014, San Diego
Sarah Lloyd and Luana Life

Middle East Studies Association
22-25 November 2014, Washington DC
Eleazer Durfee

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