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  • Railway Management and Engineering

    Railway Management and Engineering

    This book aims to cover the need for a new scientific approach for railways and is useful for railway managers, economists and engineers, consulting economists ...

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  • Religion Italian Style

    Religion Italian Style

    This book argues that the relationship between religion and society in Italy has unique characteristics when compared with what is happening in other ...

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  • Enhancing the Doctoral Experience

    Enhancing the Doctoral Experience

    One of the major intangible benefits associated with the postgraduate research experience is precisely that: the experience. For many doctoral students ...

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  • Uncertain Images: Museums and the Work of Photographs

    Uncertain Images: Museums and the Work of Photographs

    This book brings into focus the ubiquitous yet entirely unconsidered work that photographs are put to in museums. The authors' argument is that there ...

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  • Craigie Aitchison

    Craigie Aitchison

    This fully illustrated study of the life and work of Scottish artist Craigie Aitchison (1926-2009) is the first book to cover the entire oeuvre of a painter ...

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  • Evolution of International Aviation

    Evolution of International Aviation

    As with the previous two editions, Evolution of International Aviation reviews the historical development of the international aviation system. From this ...

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  • Gender and Song in Early Modern England

    Gender and Song in Early Modern England

    Innovative and collaborative in its approach, this volume engages with the question of how gender informed song within particular textual, social and ...

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  • Digital Enterprise Transformation

    Digital Enterprise Transformation

    In order to embrace recent challenges and changes in the governance of IT strategies, SAP and its think tank - the Business Transformation Academy (BTA) ...

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  • British Pirates and Society, 1680-1730

    British Pirates and Society, 1680-1730

    Pirates contributed to the British understanding of trans-oceanic navigation, patterns of trade and remote communities. This knowledge advanced imperial ...

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  • Eduardo Paolozzi

    Eduardo Paolozzi

    Artist Eduardo Paolozzi (1924-2005) was a unique cultural figure. His varied yet instantly recognisable work chronicles the significant changes in British ...

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